May 10, 2012

Former American Idol winner David Cook
David Cook performing at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am looking forward to tonight's American Idol results show!

Not really to find out which American Idol wannabe will be sent home, but because former American Idol winner David Cook will perform!!!

David will perform The Last Song I'll Write for You.  Love this song!

Hmmm, there's a whole lot of people on stage.

Ryan Seacrest just announced that everyone in the audience tonight will get 1 free ticket to see the American Idols Tour!!

Our 4 American Idol wannabes are performing the Mamas and Papas, California Dreamin'!

The Ford Music Video showcases Ford's first electric car.

Ryan is really dragging the results out.  Phillip was first in the hot seat and after everything, Ryan sent him back to the couch.  He told him we would find out later.  Ugh!  lol

Standing O for David Cook!  Yes!!!

Jennifer Lopez is performing Dance Again!!! Love this song, too!!!  Pretty risque` wardrobe and performance for American Idol, though!  LOL

American Idol Results!

Phillip Phillips is safe!

Jessica Sanchez is safe!

Hollie Cavanaugh is going home!

Joshua Ledet is safe!

We are now down to 3.  Is your favorite still in the game?  And which one will take home the American Idol crown?  Let me know in the comments!

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