Apr 18, 2012

Dick Clark
Dick Clark (Photo credit: Kilgub)

May I offer thoughts and prayers to Dick Clark's family and friends.

Dick Clark had a massive heart attack and died earlier today at age 82.  R.I.P. Mr. Clark.

Ryan Seacrest has worked with Dick Clark since 2006 on the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve!

Ryan is looking a bit depressed and not really in there.

He is acknowledging Dick Clark as a pioneer and that he was.

But as Dick would have done, tapping his watch and saying let's get to this.  So, here we go!!!

The remaining 7 American Idol wannbes will perform songs in the category, "Then" and "Now."

Hollie Cavanaugh starts us off with the Idols first songs from Now.  Hollie chose Rolling In The Deep and I love the slow beginning!!  Love the arrangement!  Love her voice!!!

Randy - not perfect, but it was close to perfect.  Boos from the audience. lol
Jennifer -  so happy for you right now!  You felt every word of that song!
Steven - you finally came out of your shell!  It was perfect!  Beautiful!

Colton Dixon will perform GaGa! Bad Romance is what he chose!  He sure changed it up to make it more hard rock, but I don't like it.  I'm sure the judges will like it.  I just think he changed it too much.

Randy - we were just at the Colton Dixon concert.  Huh?  Not your greatest performance.
Jennifer - it was an exciting performance.  Went too low a couple of times, but it didn't matter.
Steven - Loved your outfit loved your band; not sure which I loved.  Ok, Steve. lol

Elise Testone will sing No One and Jimmy says she has to fight every week.  She just doesn't have that wow factor.  Great voice and all, but I don't know.  She's doing ok; seems like she's rushing it.

Randy - you sang it great.  You stayed with the melody which was great.
Jennifer - you let go so naturally. Got my first goosies!
Steven - I love you lots.  You sang your tushy off, but would have liked to see more in the chorus.

Phillip Phillips is up with U Got It Bad and he says he's keeping it more serious.  Oooo, some swagger in there.  I like that!  He also made it his own and I think it worked.  Let's hear from the judges.

Randy - dude, I smile that I love we have a true artist on the stage.
Jennifer - that was so sexy!!!  That was great!  You are versatile.
Steven - you got melody now, something about a chump?  But he loved it.  LOL

Jessica Sanchez is up with Fallin' and I love this song!!!!  She is putting her all in this song.

Randy - saving you was the right thing to do.  Love it; brilliant!
Jennifer - it's crazy good how you play with those songs.
Steven - with talent like yours, you have the right to get mad at a song.  So much passion in this song!

Skylar Laine is putting her Country twist on Born This Way and I hope she kicks it!  Sounded like she rushed into it and maybe even off key?  No, Skylar, get it together!!!

Randy - that crossover appeal you have is amazing!
Jennifer -  I loved that version!  You were amazing and perfect!!!
Steven - I'm so glad you were born that way. lol  You're so good!

Joshua Ledet ends the "Now" with Fantasia's I Believe. I don't care for Fantasia, so hopefully Joshua can nail it!  So far so good!!!  He's got Fantasia's screaming down.  hahhaha  Standing O!!!!

Randy - you are truly one of the most gifted singers we have on the show.
Jennifer - you leave it all on the stage, every single time.  It's all of you.
Steven - you could sing the phone book, and you're so good at it, there's just nothing more to say.

Hollie Cavanaugh now with "Then" songs.  She chose Son Of A Preacher Man and again, she's good, just not great.

Randy - you dug in on that last note.  You worked it out!
Jennifer - this round was better than your first. 
Steven - I hear it, and I think you can push it even more.

Colton Dixon is up with September. Love me some Earth, Wind and Fire!  Sitting at the piano.  Rushing the song, but that's just his arrangement I guess.  He's all over the place with the notes.

Randy - wasn't the perfect song to have such a different arrangement.
Jennifer - different arrangement, and it's about finding the right song.
Steven - love your voice, but you have to find a just right song.  This wasn't it.

Elise Testone chose Let's Get It On a Marvin Gaye classic!  She's changing too much.  It's almost making it a mockery.

Randy - you definitely need to show emotion.  And that was not the right song choice.  You over sang it.
Jennifer - you always sound so good.  You don't like to show emotion too much, and you need to show that emotion.
Steven - that song showed your versatility, but you need songs that will put it out of the park.

Phillip Phillips is performing In The Midnight Hour. What a catchy song!  He's just a growling.  hahahhaha  Go Phillip!  lol

Randy - Phillip Phillips is in the house!  Love it!!!
Jennifer - you make me want to come up there and do that step with you.  It's the feeling and the soul.
Steven - everybody loves you for who you are deep down inside.  Beautifully awkward.  hahahha

Jessica Sanchez chose Try A Little Tenderness and I have no idea what this song is. lol  I guess she's doing ok.  Screaming a lot, but maybe that's the song?

Randy - a lot of emotion in that song!  That's what the audience wants!!!
Jennifer - we saw a little of your alter ego.  lol 
Steven - good God almighty, you did it again!!!

Skylar Laine is performing I Heard It Through The Grapevine but I don't like her arrangement.  Too loud, too fast, too much Country.  I don't know.

Randy - you and Phillip have no problems connecting with the songs.  This was brilliant.  Felt like a party!
Jennifer - the audience gets into you right away when you first come out to perform.
Steven - You're like a wild horse that refuses to be tamed.  lol

Joshua Ledet ends the night with A Change Is Gonna Come. Not sure how this will play out.  So far it's slow and unimaginable.  Wow!  Ok, take that back!!  Joshua is getting into it now!!!  Judges are on their feet!!!

Randy - this song was perfect for you.  You took your time and then blasted at the end. 
Jennifer - it's how you come out and sing these songs; you hold back and then let loose!  Please don't send him home, America!
Steven - you have stretched your voice to the limits!  Beautiful!

Ok, whew!  That's the end of another American Idol show.  Who was your favorite and who is going home?

Download tonight's performances on iTunes!

Now: American Idol Top 7 Now (New Millennium) - Season 11 - Various Artists

Then:American Idol Top 7 Then (Old Soul) - Season 11 - Various Artists

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