Apr 12, 2012

The American Idol results show is on and Ryan has already tweeted we are in for a shocker.

So, maybe there will be a popular American Idol wannabe in the bottom 3, or worse, maybe the American Idol judges will have to use their save!

My American Idol poll sees Hollie as the one in trouble tonight.

If you go to dialidol.com, you will see Jessica, Colton, and Elise in the bottom 3.  So who knows?

Wow!  Just read on tmz.com that a favorite to win is eliminated and the American Idol producers are begging the judges to use their save!

Jennifer Hudson and James Durbin come back to the American Idol stage tonight!

So, let's get to it!!!

The American Idol Top 7 start us off with Pink!  Well, with Raise Your Glass anyway. lol What a fun performance!!  Lots of humor! The kids pushing each other around, Phillip and Colton doing a "loving" part.  lol

James Durbin is up now with Higher Than Heaven. Awesome!  He was always so creative.  Now he has blonde hair.  lol  Ok, is that a hickey on his neck?  lol

Jennifer Hudson
Cover of Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson performs Think Like A Man featuring Ne-yo, and I really like it!

Well, we found out who is in the bottom 3 and before Ryan could build the suspense, Steven Tyler blew it and said they were using the save tonight.  hahahhahha

American Idol Results!

Phillip Phillips is safe!

Jessica Sanchez is in the bottom 3 and must sing for her life!  Saved!!!!

Hollie Cavanaugh is safe!

Joshua Ledet is in the bottom 3, but safe!

Skylar Laine is safe!

Elise Testone is in the bottom 3, but safe!

Colton Dixon is safe!

The American Idol judges just stormed the stage!!!  Grabbed the mic out of Jessica's hand and said, this is nonsense!  Go sit down, you are safe!!!

So, were you shocked?  Did the right American Idol wannabe get the axe?  Do you think the judges should have used their save?

I'm sort of mixed.  I don't believe the right American Idol wannabe was eliminated, but glad for the judges save!!!

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  1. I think it's ridiculous the way the judges stormed the stage to save Jessica. Standing and saying "vote for the best, this is the best" is a disservice to the other contenstants. Jessica has a good voice but she is not the complete performer package that they are always talking about. Yes, it was probably right to save her but not in the fashion they did it. They should have let her sing and then used their save like they do with every other contestant, instead of trying to sway the votes in her direction. this is about America's choice, not the judges.

    1. Totally agree with you! And when Steven said, we're using our save even before we found out who was in the bottom, was also ridiculous!!!




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