Apr 11, 2012

American Idol Top 7
American Idol Top 7
The American Idol wannabes take on recent songs with the help of mentor Akon!!!

We rehash Deandre's exit last week.  He out-sang Elise and he should not have been sent home.

hahahha  Steven Tyler got the crowd all riled up and Ryan Seacrest is doing his best to gain control.  hahahhahha

Skylar Laine will perform first with Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You a Kelly Pickler song!  Low spots sound rough, but chorus is great!  I think she's another Kelly Pickler.  Unfortunately, Kelly didn't win, and I don't think Skylar will either.  Although I love her!!!

Randy - you're definitely back!  I felt you for the 1st in a long time!!!
Jennifer - picture perfect with the pitch!  And that's not easy!!!
Steven -  the crows may crow, but the hens will deliver the goods!  lol

Colton Dixon decided on Love The Way You Lie. A lot of violins are accompanying him.  He's at the piano.  Slow and predictable so far.  I'm just not blown away by this guy.

Randy - the jacket is crazy fly.  You are an artist right now.
Jennifer - you should feel good about that.
Steven - love the jacket.  You are such a rare talent. You could have recorded that right there.

Duet:  Elise and Phillip are up again.  They both are kind of whining about this.  Hmmm, ok.  Apparently Elise got her way with the song choice.  Phillip didn't want to have anything to do with it.

The American Idol judges loved it.  That's all that matters I guess.

Jessica Sanchez performs Stuttering and I hope people don't judge on the familiarity of the song.  Because Jessica can sing!!!  Akon says so.  lol

Randy - loved the arrangement with this song.  You set the bar really high!  Dude, that was superb!  That control! You did an amazing job!!!
Jennifer - that was really beautiful!  You really started digging in right in the middle. 
Steven -  every time I hear you sing, I forget where I am.  You slay it every time.

Joshua Ledet got a Happy Birthday from Fantasia and he is singing Runaway Baby. Bruno Mars, baby!!!  Joshua is pretty strong and can sing.  I don't know why he would end up in the bottom 3.  Up beat and lots of energy!!!

Randy - I don't even know what to say.  Unbelievable performance!!!
Jennifer - so much energy, it's about being a performer, everything!
Steven - you can sell a song like a work of art!!!  Steven is looking at the 6' tall girl next to him.  He said get that number.  hahhaha

Duet:  Colton and Skylar perform now.  Colton is already pissing and moaning about having to do another country song with Skylar.  Stop already, Colton, you can sing anything!

Hollie Cavanaugh chose Perfect and I hope she nails it!!!  I do love her voice!  Beautiful!!!!!  Judges don't look impressed.

Randy - It wasn't perfect, but it was a lot better than last week.  You can sing!
Jennifer - you look beautiful.  I feel you fighting and wanting to be perfect.  You sang beautifully, you should be proud of yourself.
Steven - it's not about being perfect.  It wasn't perfect tonight for me.  But you look good tonight.

Phillip Phillips is up with Give A Little More and boy is this different.  Didn't even recognize the song at first.  I like Phillip, but man, he sings the same every week.  Too predictable.

Randy - agree with Jennifer.  Not your best performance.
Jennifer - it was a little bit underwhelming.  Break out cause you need to showcase who you are.
Steven - Steve McQueen / Johnny Cash kind of guy.  Keep on!

Duet:  Joshua, Hollie, and Jessica performing.  Hmm, that's not a duet.  lol  Wow, Jessica was sooo low.  Joshua and Hollie are outstanding. 

Elise Testone chose You And I. Love Lady Gaga! Elise kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga.  lol  Well, she's singing okay, but nothing special yet.  Strange arrangement, too.

Randy - America, Elise is back!  That was your moment!
Jennifer - love her.  You did exactly what you wanted to do, and that's when you are at your best.
Steven -  you took a song and turned it into genius.  You laid a beautiful vocal over it and it was great.

Well, that's it for your American Idol top 7!  Who shall leave?  Vote now!

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