Apr 19, 2012

It's another American Idol Results show!!!  Who was sent home?  Read on to find out!

Ryan is happy about the 53 million votes last night.

Kris Allen and LMFAO are here to perform!  Has anyone wondered if LMFAO chose that name on Laughing My F*cking Ass Off??  LOL

The American Idol wannabes come out and perform "Dancing In The Street" and it's pretty colorful!

Taylor Hicks is in the audience and has a major announcement!  He's doing Vegas!  Really?

Kris Allen debuts his first album with Thank You Camellia . Like Kris, but wonder how he actually won.  Adam Lambert out-performed him.

LMAFO up with Sorry for Party Rocking. Of course!  Love it!!!

Jimmy is apologizing now for steering Jessica wrong.  So, own up, Jimmy!  Jessica has been struggling.

American Idol Results!

Phillip Phillips is safe!

Jessica Sanchez is safe!!

Hollie Cavanaugh is in the bottom 3!

Joshua Ledet is safe!!!

Skylar Laine is safe!

Elise Testone is in the bottom 3!

Colton Dixon is in the bottom 3, and is going home!!!

Colton is going home and when asked why, he said he wasn't himself last night.

Hmmm, he wasn't even going to audition.  Remember when his sister, Schyler, was auditioning, the American Idol judges asked to bring in her brother.

I thought that was a big cut down to her.  Neither here nor there, now.

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