Feb 23, 2012

It's another American Idol revealing show!  lol   Actually, they just ran out of minutes.  14 have made it through, so now we get to see the rest of the American Idol wannabes make it or break it!!!

Ok, here we go!!!

Adam, after bawling his eyes out, has made it!

Jeremy Rosado is up now.  And... he made it!!!

Shannon is up and she's worried because she lost the words.  She powerhouses the next couple of rounds, but is it enough?  Yup, going through!

Scott Dangerfield is a no.

Skylar Laine is up and she shouldn't make it through but she does.  I just don't understand American Idol anymore.

Several contestants make it through.  But the drama is Eben and David and I like them both!

Deandre Brackensick is up and sweating.  He made it!  And then fell to the ground.  hahha

Jermaine Jones is up now.  This guy can sing.  Please let the American Idol wannabe judges put him through.  This will suck if he doesn't make it.  Randy says he's one of the most different guys he's met.  WTF?  This sucks.  He didn't make it.

No whining Randy, that was in your hands and you messed up!

Hollie Cavanaugh made it through while the others sit there and cry.  This just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

Eben and David make that long walk, and it's not good.  One of them won't make it.  Which one?  Eben is through.  Poor David.  Awww.  :(

American Idol Top 24!

The Top 12 Girls:

Jen Hirsh

Baylie Brown

Hollie Cavanaugh

Hallie Day

Haley Johnson

Skylar Laine

Shannon Magrane

Jessica Sanchez

Chelsea Sorell

Elise Testone

Erika Van Pelt

Brielle Von Hugel

The Top 12 Guys!

Deandre Brackensick

Adam Brock

Colton Dixon

Creighton Fraker

Eben Franckewitz

Reed Grimm

Heejun Han

Joshua Ledet

Chase Likens

Phillip Phillips

Jeremy Rosado

Aaron Sanders

I don't understand, nor will I understand, how the American Idol judges choose, but there's our 24.

The American Idol idiots realized they made a mistake.  Top 13 guys next week.  Okay.

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