Feb 22, 2012

This is American Idol and tonight we learn the Top 24!

Next week we go live and our bloody fingers will be voting frantically for our next American Idol!!!

Jen Hirsh is up first and she's in!!  Randy says one of the best singers this year.

Creighton Fraker makes the long walk to the American Idol judges.  He made it!

Lauren Gray up next!  And she did not make it.

Joshua Ledet meets with the judges.  I thought he was going to have a heart attack before Randy could tell him he made it!!  hahahhaha

Haley Johnson is up next.  She's in!

Nicko is sitting before the Idol Gods.  Verdict...  didn't make it.

Clayton, Caleb Johnson and River St. James didn't make it, either.

Elise Testone learns her fate, and it's...  yes!!!

Reed Grimm is up now.  He made it!!!  Doin' a little jiggy dance.  lol

Erika Van Pelt is up and she...  made it! 

Chelsea Sorell is up and freaking out.  Ok, she's very nervous.  lol  And her answer is...  yes, she's moving on!

Baylie Brown takes the long walk to the American Idol judges.  Is she in the top 24?  Yes!!!!

Ritchie is up next.  The cowboy that couldn't play nice can't play anymore.  He's going home. 

Heejun makes the long walk for his judgment.  Ryan asked him what he sweats, and Heejun said water.  hahahhaha  Ok, yes, he made it!  lol

Jessica Sanchez is up next before the judges, and she's...  in!!!

Phil Phillips is having doubts as he walks the walk.  Should he?  Nope, he's in!

Colton Dixon is up next.  He finally makes the top 24!

Brielle Von Hugel finds out her fate.  She made it!

Adam Brock gets lucky as he makes it into the top 24!

We will have to wait until tomorrow night to see the remaining contestants in the top 24.

See you here for another recap of American Idol!

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