Feb 15, 2012

185 remaining American Idol contestants gear up for Group Day!  Everyone is pretty much stressed and frustrated.  lol

The barfing girl's group is up first and there's only 1 or 2 that could really sing.  According to the American Idol judges only 2, Jennifer Marsh and Carrie Quoyeser made it through.

Some "Sauce" group is up and man can they sing!!!  5 strong voices!  Judges are looking happy!  Standing O!!!!  All 5 made it through!!!  

6, 7, 9 Group is up and most of them can't carry a tune.  Let's see what the Idol Judges have to say.  4 out of 5 made it through.

Jacquie in the next group fainted on the way, and we're wondering if she'll make it to sing.  Dustin forgot the words and Amy forgot the words and she's sick; it's really affecting her voice.  Jacquie and the other guy just screamed it.  Amy, the tent living girl is going home.

The group with the Cop made everyone yawn; including the judges!  lol  None of them made it through.  The Cop offers her security services to the judges.  lol

I've never seen so many American Idol wannabes passing out before!

Hollywood 5 is up next.  Oooo, they sound great!!!  The judges are gettin' down!  lol  They all made it through!!!

Area 451 is up now and Bryce forgot the words.  Johnny is annoying me the way he holds the mic.  lol  Imani has been passing out all day.  She's singing now, and down she went.  Passed out again.  Damn, girl.  Johnny was the only one to make it through.  Poor Imani.  I really like her voice.

MIT is the last group.  This is the group that hates Richi, aka "Cowboy" and they're just not getting along.  lol   Heejun, Jairon, Richie, and Phillip have all made it through!

It's the final day of Hollywood Week!

Sound check with Steven Tyler and Randy on bass.  J'Lo can't believe they started without her.  hahahha

The remaining 98 American Idol contestants will get to sing in front of the judges with any instruments they want.

Joshua Ledet doesn't have an instrument, but he's doing great!  Standing O!

Colton Dixon is playing keyboard.  He has some weird hair going on there.  Cross between a skunk and I don't know what.  lol  Judges like him, too.

Phillip Phillips is up, playing guitar.  I wonder if he gets teased for having the same names.  lol  I don't care for his growling voice.

Jen Hirsh uses no instrument.  She's creeping me out!  Slow song.  Looks like she wants to make out with the microphone.  Standing O!  Ew

Creighton Fraker has a great voice.  The judges are pleased.  Standing O!

Thunder and lightening are throwing some contestants off.  Really?  The weather is going to make or break these kids?

Reed has 30 minutes to come up with a different song.  Nigel says he cannot sing a capella.  

Shannon Magrane is also sans instrument.  She's got a great voice, but she looks so stiff.  Standing O!

Reed Grimm decides to play the drums for his audition.  He starts and Randy turned to J'Lo and said another Casey.  He would be talking about Casey Abrams from last year.  

Skylar Laine was sick and made a trip to the hospital, but she says she's going to suck it up and sing!  She is workin' it!  L'Lo told Steven she reminds her of Reba McIntyre.  Steven told her she was the best of the day!

Rachelle Lamb started and then stopped and said she messed up.  I like her voice.  

Adam Brock starts out by saying he thinks it's about time that American Idol gets some white chocolate up in here.  Huh?  Ok, I get it.  He sang Georgia On My Mind.

Next up, the judges pick!  The American Idol wannabes are split into 4 rooms.  Feel the stress!

Room 1 made it through!  Jermaine Jones, Laura Gray, Adam Brock, and Joshua just to name a few.

Room 2 made it through!  Reed and Skylar were in this room.

Room 3 is bickering.  They didn't make it through.  Jarod, Rachelle and Britney were part of this group.

Room 4 made it through!  Bailey, Gabbie, Heejun, and the cowboy are just a few.

Tomorrow night American Idol moves to Las Vegas!!  See you there!

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