Feb 9, 2012

American Idol Hollywood Week continues tonight, as we find out if 16 year old Symone Black is okay after falling off the stage!

It looked to me like she started to get dizzy, cause her legs started to wobble before she stepped off the stage.

What's going on?  Everyone is passing out!!!  Don't these people eat?

185 American Idol wannabes have survived so far.  Here comes Group Night which always rips people to shreds!

About 10 minutes of the show is following Alisha Bernhardt around as she tries to find a group.  She's the cop who auditioned in St. Louis.  She's running around asking everyone if they like cops.  WTH?

Symone Black is back from the hospital.  Diagnosis:  Dehydration.  Now she has to quickly find a group!

We end this American Idol episode with scenes from Wednesday's show.  And with the stress and the flu, American Idol wannabes are dropping like flies!  It should be fun!!!

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