Feb 8, 2012

Another American Idol episode.  It's Hollywood Week, but what does that mean??  Nothing.  Because the American Idol Judges caved and sent through wannabes that shouldn't have gotten a golden ticket.

309 American Idol wannabes are sleeping through their alarm.  Damn, I wish I could do that!!!

The American Idol Judges have just screamed their encouragement, but what a fake.  The idol wannabes never heard them.  lol

This is a very strange Idol Hollywood week.  I just wish we had more control over all of this.  We wouldn't embarrass any of the wannabes because we wouldn't have put them through to Hollywood Week to begin with!!!

Hollywood week is moving so fast that you have to know everyone or you will be confused.  But, I'm sure that's what the American Idol Gods are hoping for.

So, we'll wait and watch the true American Idol hopefuls!!!


Jim Carey's daughter just sang and sucked!!!  Finally, they sent her home.  She sucked Jim!!!

Oh goodness, we have a little punk who can serenade the ladies.   Huh??  You're 10!  LOL

Shannon McCrane is up now singing and she sucked!  I'm so tied of this.

I guess we have to wait until the "real" singing starts to be able to comment on them.

Yup, we have to wait until the "real" American Idol starts.  Which is BS!

You would think that the American Idol Gods would make Hollywood week 
so interesting that we couldn't wait for every episode.  Nope, their little puppets.

Well, we have to wait until tomorrow night to see if the woman who fell and hit her head makes it.

I predict that she makes it.  Just sayin'.  See you tomorrow night on the next episode of American Idol!!!

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