Feb 28, 2012

American Idol is 2 hours long tonight!  It's the boys first!

Reed Grimm is up first and I thought he was off somehow, screaming, but it seems the judges like him.

Adam Brock is singing freedom and he's doing a fair job.  The audience likes him.  Nothing to "wow" us yet.  Judges verdict?  Loved him!

Deandre Brackensick is up and he is weak.  Didn't hit that high note at all.  Judges verdict?  Loved him!  I thought he missed on a few notes.  Oh well.

Colton Dixon shouldn't even be here in my opinion cause his sister was set to audition.  The Judges just couldn't let it go.  Performing Decode... the judges loved it.

Jeremy Rosado up now.  Judges loved it!

Aaron Marcellus Sanders can never say goodbye, and the judges loved it!!

Chase Likens up now and he kinda looks like Elvis with those cheeks!  LOL

Creighton Fraker  up now.  He so reminds me of someone.  Can't place it yet!  True Colors is his song choice and he's giving it his all!!!  Judges loved it!!!  Why is J Lo talking about him going home?  Gawd!!!

Phillip Phillips is up now.  What a name.  I thought my name was a big joke.  LOL  Singing, "In The Air Tonight"...  oh, yeah.

Eben Franckewitz is up and he is also very weak.  Maybe the wrong song?  Maybe insecure?  I think the judges like it.  Let's see.  Yup, judges liked it.  Misleading.  Randy and J Lo is all over it.  Steven..  can we get an honest critique?  Nope..  Oh, yes!  Well, maybe..  a little pitchy!

Heejun is up next.  I love his mom!!!  Ok, don't pull the Asian card, heejun.  We love you anyway!  I'm loving Angels instead...  good call.  You're in!  Idol judges suck for another year.  Ugh!

Joshua Ledet just performed and Ryan is making it sound like his life is so bad.  It might be, but I'm not going to vote based on that.

After the break, we get to see who Idol brings back.  Copying X Factor much?  Ok.

OMG!!!  So Excited!!!  NOT!  Seriously, not.  Love Jermaine and he should have NEVER been eliminated.  So X Factor.

Jermaine Jones is one of my favorites.  He is so talented.  I can't believe American Idol pulled the X Factor cheesy card.  But I love Jermaine, so it's all cool cause I'm glad he's back.

Now the judges are trying to praise him and make it all right with the world.  Come on, judges, you messed up big time.  Grrr!

Well, we are on the fence to vote for our favorite guy American Idol wannabe.  I've seen quite a few that shouldn't move on, even though the idiot Idol judges gushed over them.

See you tomorrow night for the American Idol girls turn to wow us.

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