Feb 29, 2012

The American Idol girls take the stage tonight.  Hopefully the American Idol Judges can be a little more constructive tonight.

Why do we even have judges if they can't be honest with these kids?  A little constructive criticism might help some of these American Idol wannabes.

Chelsea Sorell starts us off with a Carrie Underwood song.  She kind of sounds like her, too.

Randy - wondered about song choice.
Steven - he could hear her heart pounding.  lol  Watch your timing.
Jennifer - sounded nasally; didn't hear best of her tonight.

Erika Van Pelt up next.  Singing What About Love?American Idol Erika Van Pelt  I like her, nice voice!

Randy - loved her confidence.  Like an Adele vibe.
Steven - beautiful.  Nailed it and loved her confidence.
Jennifer - very comfortable up there.  Let loose.

Jen Hirsh performs Adele's It Girl.  I'm not familiar with the song, but she's got a good, strong voice.

Randy - loves her and her voice.
Jennifer -  did a great job.  Felt the feeling in the song.
Steven - had lots of confidence.

Ah, ha!  Randy just said they (the Idol judges) were a little too lenient on the guys last night.  Ya think?  lol

Brielle Von Hugel is just 17 years old.  She's performing Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.  She's way too low.  Picked it up.  A little better.

Randy - key in beginning was too low, but picked it up. Such swagger!
Jennifer - true performer.
Steven - great sense of the blues.

Hallie Day is singing Feeling Good and so far the girls are pretty good!  Hallie's getting into this song!

Randy - you got the voice, but wondering what kind of artist she wants to be.
Jennifer - that had some beautiful moments. Looks like a star.
Steven - beautiful, and voice is very nice.

Skylar Laine performing Stay With Me, and she's rockin' it!  Lot of growling goin' on.  lol

Randy - you're like the rocking country girl!  It's wild.  So good!
Jennifer - love your energy.  Like Tina Turner went country!
Steven - you made Galveston proud tonight.  Keep it up!

Baylie Brown is singing Amazed, but she's starting off very weak.  Love her voice, but she needs a confidence boost.

Randy - started off shaky and pitchy in spots.
Jennifer - didn't have total control of song.
Steven - not the best song choice.

Hollie Cavanaugh is singing Reflection.  She also sounds nervous and her voice is a bit weak.  Off key.

Randy - one of our favorites.  Loves her vocals.
Jennifer - thinks she can win it. 
Steven - was so right on.  Huh?

Haley Johnson with Sweet Dreams, now.  Not liking this song at all.

Randy - it was a bit of a nightmare rather than a dream.  Pitchy.
Jennifer - I hope America gets it.
Steven - some of it wasn't perfect, but it came through.

Shannon Magrane is up and she starts out very low, too.  Sheesh!  I do like her voice, though.  Strong.

Randy - that's what it's all about!  So much promise!
Jennifer -  gave me goosebumps!
Steven - gorgeous!

Jessica Sanchez has strained her vocal chords, but the show must go on!  Singing Love You very safely.  Now she's kickin' it up.  I like it!

Randy - Crazy, crazy!  That girl can really sing!  One of the best of the last 2 nights!
Jennifer -  that swag, that attitude, that punctuation, the whole thing is so beyond your years; it's crazy!
Steven - you've got exceptional timing, voice and pitch are perfect!

Elise Testone wraps up this edition of American Idol with an Adele song.  Performing One and Only on the piano.  It sounds like her voice is strained.  Didn't hit that high note.

Randy - definitely a force to reckon with.  Not her best performance, though.
Jennifer - loves the tone in her voice.  Didn't reach her full potential.
Steven - blew it out of the water.  Nice going.

That's it for the American Idol top 12 girls!  Tomorrow night join me right here for the American Idol Results!!!

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