Jan 25, 2012

Steven TylerImage by MPR529 via FlickrAmerican Idol goes to Aspen, Colorado for tonight's auditions.  Steven is complaining about the altitude.  Suck it up, Steven!

Jennie is up first and she's nervous about Steven Tyler.  Although she's never heard or seen of Aerosmith.  Huh???  Ewww, embarrassing!!  She can almost sing, but she's so stiff.

Curtis Gray is up and I don't see it.  Too rough, not on key.  But of course, the judges are all gaga over it.  Major talent, Steven?  Really?

Tealana somebody is up and she's so bad.  OMG.  I want to hid.  And the American Idol judges are all gaga, but they turn her down flat.  Thank you!

Haley Smith is from the back woods.  Tell me something good is her choice of songs.  Not sure if she's got this or not.  Judges opinions...  Steven loves her voice cause it is right out of his era.  J'Lo, blah, blah, blah.  All Yeses!

Bull testes!!  lol  Alanna Snare is trying to sing Dolly Parton's Jolene...  not even close girl.  Nope, judges don't like it.

We're playing the bi-polar and depression card.  Come on.  Most of us have depression.  Don't play that card.  OMG, as a sufferer, I'm embarrassed.  Missed her name cause I was hanging my head in shame.  I'm sure the American Idol judges aren't going to dis her.  Nope, she's through.

Jairon Jackson chose to sing a song he wrote.  So far it's ok.  Let's see what the judges say.  They loved him; he's through!

Angie is up now and loves Lady Gaga.  Which is cool!  But she's NO lady gaga. OMG.  Go away.  The American Idol judges, other than J'Lo who has no taste, thought she was a loon.  OMG, she's going to Hollywood.  Ugh, I'm sick of this show.

Magic is up last and they're trying to make a big deal.  Sorry Judges, you've had worse freaks tonight.  Just sayin'.  So staged.  Come on.  What a joke.

Anyway, another boring American Idol auditions are over.  Thank God.  This is getting old.

If you're still here, I thank you.  If you've moved on to something better, I don't blame you.  But I'm still plugging along with my American Idol.
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