Jan 23, 2012

I'm a diehard American Idol fan, but must admit, it wasn't worth staying up to watch the San Diego auditions last night.

I was upset when Simon Cowell left the American Idol judges table, but stuck with it because I love the show.

But even I see that American Idol is too much nicey, nice and not really interesting anymore.

The first year when Steven Tyler and J'Lo joined the judges panel, I thought this could be interesting.  Maybe even shake things up and work.

Lately though, it's just the same old boring stuff.  The judges love everybody no matter if they can sing or not, and some make it through auditions because of their "personality".  Huh?

I guess the San Diego auditions were held on the USS Midway, complete with jets flying overhead.  That might have been interesting to watch.

I hear there were a few good acts.  Nothing to go "gaga" over.

Jim Carry's daughter auditioned and she made it through, but again, I don't really think she would have made it as a mortal.  lol

You can watch her audition below.

When will the American Idol Gods realize their show is tanking?  I for one, don't want it to end, but man I wish they would do something different.


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