Jan 26, 2012

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American Idol heads to Galveston, Texas for tonight's auditions.

Hopefully we'll actually see some interesting people!  lol

I'm also hoping our American Idol Judges start judging instead of, "Oh, honey, you look nice, but no thank you" type of answers.

Phong Vu is up first and Ryan, on his radio show, told us to watch for this one.  Oh dear, he's crying.  Oh dear, well you look nice, Phong!  Buh-bye!

After the break, we see a few crazy auditions.  lol

Skylar Laine is up and she's got a voice!  She wants to help her family with their restaurant if she wins American Idol.  3 yeses; she's off to Hollywood!  Not until her family comes in to hug Steven Tyler.  lol

Baylie Brown auditioned 5 years ago, in season 6.  She's good!  She's going back to Hollywood!!!

Christine Osorio is 28 years old and this is her one and only shot with American Idol as she's at the age limit.  Judges are likin' it!  3 Yeses!  Off to Hollywood!

We keep going back to the International Space Station.  lol

A few came through that could sing, but J'Lo is the only one saying yes.  I can't believe the guys right now.  They're letting ones who can't sing go to Hollywood, but the ones who can sing, were sent home.

Alejandro Casarez is one scary dude!  Talking about a revolution coming.  Good Lord!!!  He's turned down and he's begging for a chance.  He had to be escorted out. Buh-bye!!!

Cortez Shaw is singing an Adele song, only a lot faster.  He's off to Hollywood!!!

We get the pleasure of sitting through some screeching and embarrassing auditions.  I'm surprised Randy and Steven didn't give them a golden ticket!

Ramiro Garcia was born without ears.  Doctors said he'll never hear.  After surgery upon surgery, he can hear!  Man, for a guy that should have been a deaf, mute, he can sing!!!  He's got that golden ticket!!!

Another round of American Idol auditions are over.  54 American Idol wannabes got a golden ticket in Texas.  See ya next time!
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