May 4, 2011

The American Idol Top 5!
American Idol wannabes have their work cut out for them.  

The American Idol theme this week is Then and Now.  The top 5 will sing 2 songs each; 1 from now and 1 from the 1960's/1970's.

Awww, Steven just said Hi Dad!  lol

Oh, NO!  Only 3 American Idol weeks left!!!!  Feel the withdrawals start already.

Sheryl Crow will help Jimmy mentor the American Idol wannabes this week.

James  will sing Closer To The Edge for his first song.  Great song!  He's got such a great voice and is an awesome entertainer.

Randy: fits well with the song; James is in it to win it!
Steven:  I think you kicked that song's ass!
Jennifer: showing us you want it; grab it, take it!

Jacob will perform  No Air by Jordin Sparks.  I don't think this was the right song choice for Jacob.  He might be in trouble.

Randy: wrong direction for him; made it a little corny to me.
Steven: waiting for him to find his niche.
Jennifer: struggling with song choice?

Lauren chose Carrie Underwood's Flat On The Floor and she's doing an awesome job!!!

Randy: that is the direction for her.  Amazing!
Steven: simply is as good as it gets.
Jennifer: ate that up!!!

Scotty will be singing Gone and he knows exactly what kind of artist he wants to be, too!  He's got a great voice and he's also a good performer.

Randy: felt like he was at concert Scotty!
Steven: saw him dance with the devil and that's a good thing!!  lol
Jennifer: owned that stage!  That's some American Idol stuff!

Haley will try Lady GaGa on for size, singing You and I which isn't even released yet.  Boring and predictable.  Just doesn't seem to fit with what singer she wants to be.

Randy: not that great of a song.  Not the best choice of song.
Steven: loved it; took an unknown song and made it her own.
Jennifer: sounded good at the end.  Not the best advice to do a Lady Gaga song that hasn't been released yet.

American Idol Round 2!

James chose Without You and this is a great song!!!  I swear this guy can sing anything!

Randy: this is a mark of a true performer; emotionally perfect!
Steven: beautiful thing
Jennifer: has the heart and soul to back up his good voice; a true artist.

Jacob will perform some Rock 'n Roll!!!  Nazareth!  Love Hurts!  This is just not Jacob.  He can sing, but Nazareth?

Randy: redeemed himself with this song. 
Steven: beautiful thing; got lost in the song.
Jennifer: brought it home at the end.  Amazing.

Lauren is singing Unchained Melodies by the Righteous Brothers! Love the range of her voice.  So powerful!

Randy: can sing like a bird.  lol
Steven: so right and so there; perfect song.
Jennifer: nothing to judge; beautiful song, sung beautifully.

Scotty chose Always On My Mind by Elvis!  Love this song and Scotty is doing a great job!!! 

Randy: happy to see him do the tender moments.  Love it.
Steven: America loves your voice.
Jennifer: shows us what a well rounded artist he is.  Amazing.

Haley will perform House of the Rising Sun so let's go!  Starting without music.  I don't like the arrangement and she's talking more than singing.

Randy: slayed it; best performance of the night. Are you on crack, Randy?
Steven: Sweet and sour; raspy, can relate to that.
Jennifer: came out angry at us?  Great job.

Well!  What do you think?  I think at least 3 of the American Idol wannabes did a fantastic job!  I really liked James, Lauren, and Scotty.  I liked Jacob's 2nd song and none of Haley's.

So, who will be going home tomorrow night?  It's another American Idol Results Show!!!  Don't forget to vote!Enhanced by Zemanta


  1. I think it's gonna be Jacob that leaves!!!!

  2. I think you might be right, Nicole. He even acted like it might be his last night.




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