May 5, 2011

American Idol results show tonight!!!  Which American Idol wannabe is leaving?  We'll find out soon enough!

Steven Tyler is an author now!  "Does the voices in my head bother you?"  LOL

Gordon Ramsey makes the American Idol wannabes make omelets.  So far, Lauren is winning.  hahhahha  Lauren wins the omelet challenge and Jacob comes in second.  LOL

Lady Antebellum performs her new single, Just a Kiss. I'm not into Country Music, but it's okay.

Back to Gordon Ramsey with a taste test with Lauren and Jacob.  lol  It's one to one score right now.  Lauren wins the American Idol best chef!!!  lol

Jennifer Lopez performs On The Floor!  I love this song!!!  So cool when she broke the glass where the dancers were in the boxes.  lol

Now we get a preview of her new video, I'm Into You.  Well, that was quick.  lol

Ryan pans to Jimmy to give his opinion, which most people don't care about, and as usual, Jimmy gets it all wrong.  That's why they brought in other mentors Jimmy!

American Idol Results!

James is safe!
Lauren is in the bottom 2!
Jacob is in the bottom 2, and going home!
Haley is safe!
Scotty is safe!!!

Well, I'm not surprised Jacob is leaving us tonight, but I'm very surprised Lauren was in the bottom 2.

If America really believes Haley is better than Lauren, then they are all deaf and blind.  I'm sorry, but that's my opinion.

I'm not going to ask if the right American Idol wannabe is leaving us tonight, but I will ask if you think Lauren should have been in the bottom 2.

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  1. I don't think that Lauren should have been in the bottom 2. When it was down to her and Jacob, I definitely knew that Jacob was going to be leaving!!

  2. I was pretty sure Jacob would be leaving, too, but I was a little nervous. It's getting down to the wire now and as American Idol goes, anything can happen. lol




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