Apr 28, 2011

Crystal Bowersox at WFUVImage by wfuv via Flickr

American Idol results show tonight!  Whether we agree with who goes or not, we will be entertained!  I'm talking about American Idol finalist last year, Crystal Bowersox!!!!!

We start out with the American Idol wannabes at the Royal shindig and of course Casey has to mock the invent.  Whatever.  Bad form Casey.

The top 6 come out singing.  Haley first and she couldn't hit a note.  Neither did Casey.  Can we get rid of them please?  Maybe they're trying to get axed so they can get their groove on.  Oh, forgot to tell you, they're an item.

Crystal Bowersox performs Ridin' With the Radio!!!!!  Missed her!!!!  Go Crystal!!!  Ryan's acting like a crazy man on the sidelines.  hahahhahha

Questions and answers for the American Idol wannabes.  Talk about putting them on the spot.  lol

Bruno Mars is singing my favorite song!!!  The Lazy Song!!!  hahhaha  Makes me smile every time I hear it.  LOL

American Idol Results

Haley is safe.  So not happy here.
Scotty is safe!!!
Lauren is safe!!!
Casey is leaving us tonight!
James is safe!!!!
Jacob is safe!!!

Well, I'm not gonna lie, I'm happy.  I was upset the American Idol judges used the save so fast on him.  America got it right the first time he was axed.

My friend Nicole got this one right!  Casey is going home!

See you next week with the American Idol top 5!!!

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