Apr 7, 2011

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Here we are with the American Idol results show!  Who's going home?  It's anybody's guess right now.  Kind of stupid the American Idol judges used their save so early.

Constantine and Iggy will be performing tonight!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

The American Idol top 9 comes out singing a melody of rock and roll!!!  My favorite genre!  :)  They look like they're having a blast!

Russell Brand gives the American Idol contestants advice and it was hilarious!  Judges are wearing no pants!  lol

Constantine is performing Unchained Melodies!  Love him!  He's a proud daddy, don't ya know?  Just one of the non-winning American Idol contestants who made it big.  :)

Iggy Pop!  Hopefully I can move like that at his age!!!  Wild One!  I'm surprised the strict American Idol producers even allowed him on!  hahha

American Idol Results!

Casey Abrams is safe!
Lauren Alaina is safe!
Stefano is in the bottom 3, but safe!
Paul McDonald is safe!
Scotty McCreery is safe!
Pia Toscano is in the bottom 3 and is going home!
James Durbin is safe!
Haley Reinhart is safe!
Jacob Lusk is in the bottom 3, but safe!

The American Idol judges are pissing me off right now.  We got it wrong?  We have no passion, Steven?  Wow.  I've been angry at the judges before, but this is uncalled for.

America got it right.  Everyone gave it their all last night except for Pia.  American Idol judges, you really shouldn't disrespect the people who put food on your table.

Sorry guys.  I'm more upset at what Steven and the other 2 American Idol judges said about us than anything else.


  1. Hey blogger lady! I was making dinner and missed the "no pants" part. You have any pics of that? I TOTALLY agree with you about the judges disrespecting us voters.We DO know what we are doing! But, don't you think they were hurtful of those others who were in the bottom 3, by saying WE got it wrong? That just says one of those should have been eliminated. How rude can they get? At least Simon was fair! I miss him!Those statements were uncalled for.Those judges have to buck up and accept it. I'm with you on this one for sure!

  2. hahahha, Russell Brand was giving advice to the Idols and told them to picture the judges wearing no pants.

    Very true! I'm tired of their back pedaling. One day they say America knows what they're doing, and the next it's, how could America have gotten it so wrong?

    But we might be in the minority. There's a lot of Pia supporters out there; just too bad they never picked up the phone to vote. Can't complain if you don't vote! lol

    Thanks for stopping by, Nancy!

  3. I do vote. I vote for James or Scotty , which ever I feel did his best. Or, I will vote for both equally, several times !!lol

  4. That's great, Nancy! Twitter is ablaze with comments about Pia's elimination. Those people cannot be upset if they didn't vote!




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