Apr 7, 2011

Everyone has their predictions for which American Idol contestant will be leaving tonight.

The top 9 American Idol contestants rocked the house last night.  I was impressed by most of them.

It’s at the point where these American Idol wannabes need to step up and blow us away, or be in danger of leaving the competition.

Others feel the same way.  Some of the comments I’ve read think that Paul, Stefano, and Jacob will be in the bottom 3 tonight, with Stefano getting the axe.

Still others feel that Casey, Pia, and James are getting too much credit and not delivering much in their performances.

I think if you’re looking for a true American Idol, you have to look at every aspect.  Not only should they sing well, but they should also perform well.  They should connect with the audience and a little bit of charm thrown in for good measure.

So how do the top 9 American Idol contestants measure up?  Well, everyone has an opinion, and here’s mine.

Lauren Alaina – very pretty, charming girl, with a beautiful voice, but seems a bit intimidated on stage.

Casey Abrams – He has a good voice, but he growls too much.  Every time he’s up for review, he looks like a deer in headlights, and always brings up his save from the American Idol judges.  After the sympathy vote perhaps?

Paul McDonald – has a very unique voice.  He’s fun to watch, but I don’t think he has what it takes to be original and make the songs his own.  ( i.e., David Cook’s Billy Jean performance).

Pia Toscano is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, but again, I don’t think she has the performance factor.  She comes out and sings beautifully, but no stage presence or connecting with the audience.

James Durbin is our edgy rock and roller.  He has the looks and the charm with a voice to match.  However, he comes across cocky at times and he needs to keep control of his screaming.

Haley Reinhart is another beautiful girl with a great voice.  However, I feel that Haley tries too hard to sound like others (Janice Joplin).  I feel she needs to show us a bit more of what she has rather than copying another.

Jacob Lusk has great charm, a great voice, and he knows how to perform.  He’s really fun to watch.  His one mistake last night was trying to be humorous and it backfired.  He said if he lands in the bottom 3 that we need to look in the mirror.  Or something like that.  But one error in judgment shouldn’t affect his standings, as this boy can sing.

Stefano Langone is one little hottie with an incredible voice!  However, he doesn’t have the confidence he needs to earn American Idol winner.  His performances are stiff and predictable.

Scotty McCreery also has charm and an incredible voice.  He’s willing and has the confidence to stray from his Country roots, but when he does, he seems awkward at times.

All in all, everyone here deserves to be in the American Idol top 9.  But when taking everything into consideration, and not how much I like or dislike the person, my bottom 3 predictions are:

Pia Toscano, because her performance is lacking.  She has a beautiful voice, but lacks confidence and originality.  She’s been hyped so much from the American Idol judges, no one is really taking everything into consideration.  She needs a wakeup call, but she won’t be leaving tonight.

Casey Abrams also needs a wakeup call.  He needs to come out of his comfort zone and own the audience.  He plays it safe every week without originality.

Stefano will be in the bottom 3 and probably going home.  I really like Stefano, but that’s not what it’s all about.  He lacks in confidence and originality.  His performances are lacking.  He doesn’t own the stage nor connects with the audience.

This is what should happen, but it won’t.  Pia and Casey need a wakeup call because the American Idol judges rave instead of giving constructive criticism.  So they think they’re safe.  They’re not, and the American Idol judges are not doing them any justice.  They’re not bad enough to get cut, but they just need a bit of motivation shall we say, to step up and show us they’re hungry for that American Idol crown.

In reality, people will vote for who they like, not necessarily who deserves to be named the American Idol of season 10.

So for his one joke that backfired, Jacob will probably be in the bottom 3, along with Paul and Stefano.

So what are your thoughts?  Which 3 will be in the bottom 3?

We won’t know until tonight’s American Idol results show, but its fun to guess.  lol 


  1. I predicted, Stefano would leave. With Jacob and Pia also in the bottom three. Though with Pia it's probably more wishful thinking than based on performance, lol. Sorry to her fans, but I just don't understand all the hype, she puts me to sleep then wakes me up with some overdone finish.

  2. Totally agree, Tess! lol Pia needs a boost in the performance factor. I thought she was great way back when, but soon noticed she's not bringing anything different. And it can be a sleep-fest when she's performing.

    You are not alone in your predictions about Stefano, I've been reading that all over the Internet this morning.

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. I didn't "predict" anyone s to leave, I prayed Pia would GO. She seems to coma across as an arrogant , spoiled little princess. Don't care for her.

  4. The judges did put her up on a pedestal. As far as constructive criticism this year, there isn't any!

    A lot of people didn't like Simon Cowell, but at least he was blunt honest, so you knew what you had to work on for the next week.




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