Apr 6, 2011

Elvis Presley show 03Image by Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria via Flickr

The American Idol contestants may have a bit of a hard time this week.  Each will choose from a list of songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Several blogs list theories as to what each American Idol contestant should sing, but I hope the top 9 comes out and shocks everyone!  Don't you just love surprises?  I do!

So, the show is about to begin!

Steven Tyler gives us a little sneak peek inside the Hall of Fame.  Loved the bust of him!  He said it was the 2nd bust he's kissed tonight.  lol

The American Idol top 9 come on stage now.  Not singing though.  hmmm...

Jacob Lusk was going to perform Let's Get It On, but he didn't want to sing about the "do the nasty" so he changed his song choice to Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror.  I LOVE that song!!!  He changed it up a little bit and I LOVE IT!!!!!  It's giving me goosebumps!!!  LOL

Steven - gave props to the backup singer who helped write the song!!!!  Beautiful!
Jennifer - Beautiful performance!
Randy - stuck by his moral convictions.  Proud of him!

Haley Reinhart chose Piece of my Heart, a Janice Joplin song.  Sounds just like her, but this song choice is a bit safe and predictable.  She didn't change it up any, so we'll see what the American Idol Gods say.

Jennifer - showed everybody that she is a contender.
Randy - bluesy voice, great song choice.
Steven - couldn't find nothing wrong with that.  Nailed it.

Casey Abrams is performing Have You Ever Seen The Rain and so far I like it and I usually don't care for Casey's performances.  lol  He's got his big bass out there.

Randy - did well justice to that song.  Casey's making the upright bass cool!
Steven - true musician.  Put some wheels on that bass and drive around town.  lol
Jennifer - exactly where he belongs, on stage, with his bass.

Lauren Alaina chose Natural Woman and man she's got a beautiful voice!  Wow do we have some talent tonight!!!

Steven -  tonight you are a natural born woman; loves her voice.
Jennifer - she's amazing.
Randy -  picked the most difficult song, but did a good job.

James Durbin is performing While My Guitar Gently Weeps and he slowed it down a bit.  We can really hear his voice and I love it!

Jennifer -  nice to see the softer side of him.  Loved it.
Randy -  loved seeing the real, true emotional side of him.
Steven -  proud moment for him; thanks, man.

Scotty McCreery is doing Elvis!!  Whoo Hoo!  That's Alright Momma!  I liked the singing, but his quirkiness on stage was a bit weird!  hahha  And a bunch of girls rushed the stage for hugs!!!!  lol

Randy - Scotty is in it to win it!!!  Amazing!
Steven - agree with Randy.  Did it well!
Jennifer - agrees with them; was feeling a little bit of flavor in that performance.  lol

Pia Toscano chose a Tina Turner song.  River Deep Mountain High.  I wasn't that familiar with the song, but I guess she did fine.

Steven - killed it!
Jennifer - amazing.  Going to keep pushing her.
Randy - showed him what he already knew; she needs to work on the movement.

Stefano Langone channels his romantic side with When a Man Loves a Woman and he could own this song.  He's got such an awesome voice.  Looks like the American Idol judges are liking it, too!

Jennifer - baby, I knew you had it in you!  Beautiful!
Randy - liked it, but first part felt jerky.  
Steven - liked the old timey in the beginning.  Great range in your voice. Nailed it.

Paul McDonald performs Folsom Prison Blues and I love Paul.  He sure is fun to watch!!!!!

Randy - I loved it!!!
Steven -  crazy character, perfect, rocked the house!
Jennifer -  perfect way to end the evening; great performance!

Wow!  What a night, huh?  Crazy good!  Really, the only one I was disappointed in tonight was Pia.  Compared to the rest of the American Idol contestants, she paled in comparison.

Well, who will you vote for???  Be sure to vote here, too!  See you tomorrow night for the American Idol results show!


  1. So you think that Pia is leaving? I think that it's going to be Jacob. It's really hard to decide though and it's just going to get worse because they are all really good!!!!

  2. Oh, no, no, no! Pia won't be leaving. I'm just looking at the night as a whole. And because she is so good, I was expecting something more from her. So, no, she won't be going anywhere.

    I loved Jacob's performance. It actually gave me goosebumps! hahha

    I think the bottom 3 might be Stefano, Haley, and Paul.




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