Apr 13, 2011

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Well, we made it through the American Idol results show.  A lot of people are devastated that Pia was cut.  They call it the MOST SHOCKING American Idol elimination.  Well, I don't.

Chris Daughtry was the most shocking American Idol elimination as far as I'm concerned.  That boy could sing, perform, and had charm.  Pia lacked in the charm category.

But Pia will be fine, she's dating Mark Ballas and she's been signed to Interscope Records.  So no worries.  I just feel bad for Stefano.  Whether he deserved to stay or go, people didn't have to act like juveniles about it.

Anyway, American Idol goes to the movies!!!  Hopefully the American Idol judges won't whine or say anything about Pia, because it's just rude to the remaining American Idol contestants.

Well, of course we start the show with Pia's elimination.  Why not.  Let's put Stefano through another excrutiating moment.

Let's see if Ryan Seacrest rubs salt in a wound.  Nope, it's all about Jennifer Lopez named the most beautiful woman by People Magazine.

Paul McDonald is performing Old Time Rock and Roll by my favorite Bob Seger!!!  Paul may not be the strongest performer, but he sure is entertaining!!!

Steven - wants to borrow the suit; liked it.
Jennifer - keeps going a little bit further; a little more polished every week.
Randy - liked the Porter Wagner look.  hahahha

Lauren Alaina chose The Climb!  Love her voice!!!!  Strong performance.

Jennifer - loved hearing her sing that.  Got a tear in her voice.

Randy - did an amazing job.
Steven - first Idol we thought of when she tried out.  She owned it.

Stefano Langone chose End Of The Road tonight.  And he is giving it his all!  Stefano is back!

Randy - your man Stefano just slayed the song!  He is back!
Steven - not the end of the road, just the beginning.
Jennifer - is singing to win!!!

Scotty McCreery chose I Cross My Heart.  He is staying true to his heart.  He stood up and got serious!!!  This boy can sing!

Steven - just loves his voice.
Jennifer - can't be tough but all she can say is wow!
Randy - loved that song and glad he doesn't change his roots.

Casey Abrams will do Nat King Cole's Nature Boy.  I don't like it.  He's very creepy looking/performing tonight.  He should have listened to the advice.  Standing ovation from the American Idol judges?  Come one, here comes the next big shocking elimination!

Jennifer  - nervous at first, but ...  no idea what she's actually saying.
Randy - so happy they have real true artists on the show.   huh?
Steven - took a song and did what was in his heart.  Ok Steven.

Haley Reinhart is performing Call Me and hopefully she'll do more singing than growling this week.  Nope, that's all she's got.  Starts off weak until the growling.

Randy - honestly, I didn't love the beginning.  Me neither, Randy.
Steven - agree, but she nailed the chorus.
Jennifer - love the wailing, but agrees with Randy.

Jacob Lusk is doing Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Jimmy needs to shut his trap.  Jacob's statement last week was a joke.  No preaching allowed on this show, Jimmy!!!!  As usual, Jacob can sing and perform!!!

Steven -  astounding to him how angelic he sings.  Incredible.
Jennifer - such a gifted vocalist.  Gave her the chills.
Randy - agrees with both of them and he believes everything he sang.  Perfect.

James Durbin chose Heavy Metal to stay true to his roots.  Jimmy of course is trying to push him to do something else.  Shut up Jimmy!!!!

Jennifer -  that felt really, really, real!!!
Randy - just had a James Durbin concert!  Unbelievable!!! 
Steven -  outstanding, Durbin!!!  Glad you gave Jimmy lip!!!

Another American Idol competition week, and another diss on Jimmy!  When are we going to see him booted off?  Seriously, these "kids" know what kind of artist they want to be.  Let them do what they feel is best!

Ok, who's leaving?  I hope it's Casey, but I'm sure it won't be.  See you tomorrow night with the American Idol results!!!


  1. I agree, Daughtry was definitely the most shocking elimination!!! Oh, and Jennifer Hudson! I think that Paul will leave.

  2. Yes, Nicole! How could I forget about Jennifer Hudson? I think it will be either Paul or Haley leaving.

    J'Lo didn't have anything to say about her except she doesn't want another girl to leave. lol




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