Apr 14, 2011

American Idol results aren't really shocking.  The American Idol judges however, have shocked me more than once this season.

They bring back American Idol contestants that shouldn't have been brought back, while the contestants that should have been brought back, went home.  Lauren Turner instead of Naima for instance.

The American Idol judges were too quick to use the save.  If they thought America got it all wrong as they said when Pia was eliminated last week, how about taking some of the blame themselves?  They were too quick to pass that save on to Casey.

Simon Cowell wasn't a very popular American Idol judge with the contestants, but he told it like it was and he was usually right.  I would love to know what he thinks about the contestants this year.

Randy, Jennifer, and Steven make it interesting, but they need to judge the singing and the performance, not whether or not they like the contestant or not wanting to hurt their feelings.

The judges are doing no service to these American Idol contestants.  How are they suppose to grow and get better every week when it's all nicey nices from the judges?

Well, here we go with another American Idol results show!

Lauren and Scotty is up first singing American Honey!  I love these 2 together!!!!  Awesome song, awesome performance!!!

Zombie time!!!  hahahha  Scotty, Stefano, James and Haley are now Zombies.  LOL  The new Ford commercial is great.  The Zombies stole the car.  hahaha

Haley and Casey are singing Moanin' and it's probably a great performance, but the growling from both of them and the creepy grunts and ahhhhs and ooohhhhs from Casey are a turnoff!

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean performs their duet Don't You Want To Stay!  Great song!  They look good, too!  Kelly seems to be eating well.

Jacob, James, Stefano, and Paul are singing Mrs. Robinson and Sound of Silence they're not too bad together.  They're fun!  lol

Rhianna performs California King Bed and I'm still deciding if I like this song.

American Idol Results!

Lauren Alaina is safe!
Casey Abrams is safe!
Paul McDonald is in the bottom 3, and is going home!
James Durbin is safe!
Haley Reinhart is in the bottom 3, but safe!
Jacob Lusk is safe!
Stefano Langone is in the bottom 3, but safe!
Scotty McCreery is safe!

Well, I'm upset that Paul is leaving, but not surprised.  He was so much fun to watch and I loved how unique his voice is.

Was it what you expected?  I was hoping it was Haley leaving, but that's American Idol for ya!


  1. It was exactly what I expected, I should have put money on it, lol.
    I agree about them using the safe too quickly on Casey. They should have saved it and then they would have been able to save Pia last week.

  2. hahahha, you go, girl! You would have won my money. lol I really thought Haley would leave before Paul.

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  4. Thank you, Anonymous! Glad you stopped by!




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