Apr 21, 2011

American Idol has been invaded by aliens!!!  And it's going to be SO cool!  Katy Perry performs on American Idol tonight!  David Cook, too!!!

Lauren, Haley, Jacob, and Stefano perform Soul Sister!

Casey, Scotty, and James perform Viva La Vita!

American Idol winner David Cook performs The Last Goodbye!!!!   Love him!!!  And love his song!!!!   lol  He brought his mom so she could meet Steven Tyler!!  Lucky mom!  lol

Katy Perry and Kanye West perform E.T.!  Love the song and the costumes!!!

American Idol Results

Lauren Alaina is safe!
Casey Abrams is safe!
James Durbin is safe!
Haley Reinhart is in the bottom 3, but safe!
Jacob Lusk is in the bottom 3, but safe!!
Stefano Langone is in the bottom 3 and is going home!
Scotty McCreery is safe!

Well, I'm not going to lie, I'm upset.  I love Stefano.  Casey and Haley better be in the bottom 3 next week with one of them going home.  

They are not American Idol material.  Sorry.

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  1. I think next week that it's Haley's time to leave. I really think the top 4 are going to be Lauren, James, Scotty, and Casey. And I think Lauren will be in the finale, but I'm not sure about the other one. Maybe James or Scotty.

  2. I think you are right. I thought either James and Lauren or Scotty and Lauren.

    I read on a couple other sites this morning that Casey and Haley are dating and getting really cozy. lol




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