Apr 27, 2011

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American Idol only has a few more weeks left.  Let's see how the top 6 handle the pressure!

The theme for American Idol this week is Carole King.  She's a huge superstar, but I wonder how many of the top 6 American Idol wannabes ever heard of her.  lol

"Baby Face" is joining Jimmy tonight to mentor the top 6.  Good thing, because sometimes I don't think Jimmy is in touch with anyone.  hahaha

Jacob Lusk starts the night with Oh No Not My Baby  he's doing a great job, too!!!

Steven loved it; it was beautiful.
Jennifer killed it!
Randy couple spots were a little sharp, but you're a great singer.

Lauren Alaina chose Where You Lead and she got a boost of confidence from Miley Cyrus!!!  I just love her voice and she is so pretty.  I hope she goes a long way!!!

Jennifer felt proud because she pushed.
Randy she came out with an extra swagger.  Came up there with a vengeance.
Steven said when her voice broke, that's when she shined.

Casey and Haley will be singing I Feel The Earth Move.  It's a duet, but there will be no phone numbers.  However, the American Idol judges will weigh in.

Steven asked how much in love with Haley he was, but he didn't answer.  lol  Well, I guess only one judge.  hahahha

Scotty McCreery performs You've Got a Friend and his voice fits this song.  Nothing "wowing" but I really love his voice.

Randy said the beginning was flawless.  Loved it!!!
Steven echoed what Randy said.  Beautiful.
Jennifer great to see him hit those higher notes.

James Durbin is slowing it down a bit with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and I think he might pull it off.  Wow, there's a "wow" factor!!!!  I'm pretty sure he can perform any song now.  LOL

Steven said he did it again.  Was sold at the beginning.  He made out with a girl to this song.  hahhaha
Jennifer thought it was totally magical.
Randy says he is in it to win it.  Proved he's a great singer.

Scotty and Lauren pair up to sing Up On The Roof and not only do they look good together, they sing perfectly together!  I love listening to these 2!!!

Jennifer said Lauren sings her butt off and Scotty did a good job, too.

Casey Abrams will sing Hi-De-Ho and Jimmy says this song takes a lot of personality.  I must not like Jazzy Blues because his grunting and growling is really wearing on my last nerve.  lol

Randy thinks the song was written for him.
Steven says he found his niche.
Jennifer said he was in his element.  Wants to see him loosen up.

Haley will sing Beautiful and hopefully she'll sing it beautifully!!!  She looks a bit bored on stage.  

Steven says she is beautiful as the song.  Nailed it.
Jennifer said beautiful.
Randy didn't love the beginning but loved the end.

Jacob and James pair up to sing I'm Into Something Good and these 2 are such goofballs, I love it!  These guys aren't bad together!!!

Steven said they were having fun, but he was a little confused.  hahhaha

Well, and another week down for the American Idol wannabes.  Who will leave us tomorrow night?  Don't forget to vote!  We'll see if you're right tomorrow on the American Idol results show!!!
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  1. I think it's gonna be Casey. But who knows anymore with this season? It's such a hard season to predict.

  2. I know, it's been a crazy season!

    Everyone talks how they're getting annoyed with Casey's grunting and growling during his performances, but he's rarely in the bottom 3. lol

    Really, compared to the remaining Idols, Casey and Haley just aren't great performers in my opinion.

    If you look at all the polls and comments online, everyone is really sick of Casey and Haley. So, I just don't get it.

    But, we'll just have to wait and see tonight.




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