Apr 20, 2011

We're in the 21st century at American Idol tonight.  Those are the songs the American Idol wannabes get to choose to sing.

As long as Haley doesn't growl and Casey keeps his creepy eyes away from the camera, it should be a great night!

We start by taking a look back when these American Idol wannabes were just a face in the crowd.  They've come a long way!!!

The Idols that have been sent home are back and performing So What!

Bruce Springsteen made a stop at American Idol to help the top 7.  Why?  I have no idea.

Scotty McCreery will knock out Swingin' by Leann Rimes and he's doin' great!!!!  Gosh I love his voice!  And he has so much personality!  And the American Idol judges are on crack.

Steven - loves his voice
Jennifer - didn't pull out the big guns tonight.  Wrong song choice.
Randy - boring.

James Durbin is rockin' with a new song for American IdolUprising by Muse is what he chose.  He comes out with a parade of drummers.  Cool!  He's got such a great voice, too!!!  Wow!!!

Jennifer - theatrically the best performance of the night.  Amazing.
Randy - amazing song; unbelievable, dude, best performance of the night.
Steven - stay out of my closet!  lol  Crazy good!!!

Haley Reinhart will sing Adele's Rolling In The Deep and it's a great song!  I don't like how fast the arrangement is, and I just don't see the connection here.

Randy - chose a perfect direction.  Little sharp, but good performance.
Steven - great performance; little slow at the start.
Jennifer -  brought a little bit of Haley into it.

Jacob Lusk is performing Luther's Dance With My Father and this is a tear jerker song!!!  Goosebumps!!!  Go Jacob!!!

Steven - it was a beautiful thing.
Jennifer - beautiful performance.
Randy - emotionally it was a beautiful performance; vocally it was just good.

Casey Abrams will perform Maroon 5's  Harder To Breathe hopefully he doesn't growl too much.  He just doesn't do it for me.  I don't know if it's a lack of performance factor or if he talks and growls more than he sings.

Jennifer - loved the performance.
Randy - enjoyed it; continue to take chances.
Steven - already are a cult hero. 

Stefano Langone chose to perform Closer and I just love his voice!!!!

Randy - wow, Stefano!  Very good job!
Jennifer - very, very good!
Steven - good job, really good job!

Lauren Alaina chose to sing Born To Fly and she's another voice that I just love!

Steven - naturally good!
Jennifer - special voice, has so much character.
Randy - very, very good, great!

Ok, some of these American Idol wannabes blew me away and some didn't.  I really liked James, Stefano, Lauren, and Scotty!

So, did anyone blow you away?  Make sure to vote!  I will see you back here tomorrow night for the American Idol results show!!!

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