Mar 3, 2011

American Idol results!  Were your predictions right?  Did you see that?  J'Lo is lopsided!  WTH?

It's Wild Card night!  But it's not the wild card you would think.  They can only bring back the ones that didn't make it tonight.  Would have loved to see Chris Medina back.
Scotty and Robbie take center stage.  Oh, no.  Scotty is in the top 10!  Robbie is going home, unless he gets the wild card.

Clint, Jordan, and Jovany are up and none of them made it.  Jordan should protest as the song he had to sing wasn't his choice.

Pia and Lauren take the stage.  They both make it through.

Ta-Tynisa and Julie take the stage.  They both are sent to the losers seat.

Ashton, Karen, and Kendra take the stage.  Only one will win....  Karen Rodriguez gets the seat.

Tim, Casey, and Jacob take the stage.   Casey and Jacob make it through.

Haley and Rachel are both onstage now.  Haley makes it to the top 10.

James and Stefano are up now.  James makes the top 10.

Wild Card Competition starts now...
Ashton is up first singing for her life...  singing something or other, but she screamed most of it.  Judges all give her "good" news, but they don't want to be honest with anyone.

Stefano is now singing for his life and I don't see any difference from his last performance.

Kendra sings for her life and I don't see her doing much better.

Jovany sings for his life.  This is so stupid.  Let's make them all guinie pigs in a cage and the one or two they feel sorry for, let's bring them back.  Or, let's make them think they are coming back and we won't pick anybody.

Naima is the last chosen to sing for her life.  

This "new" format really stinks.  Wild cards are better when it's been someone voted off weeks ago.  Whatever...

Robbie is the last of the guys to sing for his life.  

So we now have 6 American Idol wannabes thinking they have a chance and have went through the first embarrassing moment of not "getting a chair" into the top 10, now they get to hear again that they stink.  Not liking this format at all.

Gee, let's see who makes the first one to go in...  Ashton.  So it's not our top 10, it's our top 13?  The 2nd person going through is Stefano.  Gee, can we guess our 3rd?  Naima is in.  Are you kidding me?  Wow, I think this is the first time I'm really disgusted with American Idol.

What a joke.


  1. I totally agree! This is the worst selection ever! As of last night I will stop watching...Seriously! Something was going on but it was not a search for Talent thats for sure!




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