Mar 9, 2011

American Idol has been taped for tonight's show.  Some people see this as manipulation on the producers part and others see it as a time management thing.  I feel it's the latter.
I've calmed down somewhat since last weeks fiasco.  Why in the world the American Idol Gods handled the whole wild card as they did is beyond me...  and several others.  Whatever.

So we have the top 13 American Idol wannabes singing songs from their Idol.  Let's go!

Lauren Alaina is up first singing Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain.  Why Shania is her Idol, I don't know, but she's doing a good job.  Nothing special though.

Steven Tyler:  Loves the song, but wishes it was more kick ass.
Jennifer:  has big red lips!  Didn't think she stepped up.
Randy:  Echos the other 2 Judges. 

Casey Abrams: With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker.  I like Casey and I think he's talented, but there's too much hype from the Judges.  He brought nothing special like the Judges said about Lauren, so we'll see what they have to say about him.

Jennifer:  big red lips says she grabbed Randy and was blown away.
Randy:  Excited to see him...  why?  Nothing original.
Steven Tyler:  you are a rainbow of talent.

Ashthon Jones: When You Tell me That You Love Me by Diana Ross.  Go figure.  Yawn.  Very weak unless she's screaming it.  Wow, so glad she made it to the top...

Randy:  worried, but liked it.
Steven: a lot more to show us.  huh?
Jennifer:  of course.  So elegant up there.  What about the singing J'Lo????  Cop out.

Paul McDonald: Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams and I was so hoping his Idol was Rod Stewart.  I like him and I like his energy, but I don't know this song at all.  I guess it did well.  hahhaha

Steven:  loved it; little pitchy.
Jennifer:  watching the audience instead of him.  Didn't know the song.
Randy:  not the most exciting, but loves his character.  Hopes "we" all get it.

Pia Toscano: All By Myself made popular by Celine Dion.  Wonder why she's getting all the gaga from the Judges.  She's good, but not over the top like they're all gushing over.  Let's see how she does.  Weak and screaming.  I just don't get they hype.  Do you?

Jennifer:  loves her.  She topped last week?  Come on.
Randy: bragging about his number of seasons on American Idol.  Doesn't mean anything Randy when you are gushing for no reason.
Steven:  slammed it; beautiful.

James Durbin: Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney and this one I'm looking forward to!  Yes!!!  Finally, someone who puts "their own" into a performance!!!

Randy:  one of his favorites; slayed it!  Dude can do anything.
Steven:  good job; just wrote his review
Jennifer: get used to the clapping; can really, actually sing.

Haley Reinhart: Blue by LeAnn Rimes.  Boring and predictable.  
Steven:  beautiful?  Eww?

Jennifer: Can do things with her voice that are so diverse?  What?
Randy: Honest...  Yes!  Boring!  Finally a true, honest critique.  Jennifer disagreed.  Can we bring back Simon now???  Come on!

Jacob Lusk: I Believe I Can Fly by R.Kelly and this guy can sing and perform.  Goosebumps here!!!

Steven:  pure passion, pure music, can't even judge.
Jennifer: you make us feel so much when you sing.
Randy: has such a signature sound; excited!

Thia Megia: Smile most known by Michael Jackson.  Off key?  That's the consensus in my house anyway.  Nope, no likey.

Randy:  pitchy in spots; liked the beginning more than the end.
Steven: pitchy in the middle; I liked it all in all.  Come on Steven!
Jennifer:  sugar quote, don't critique at all, come on J'Lo!!!!

Stefano Langone: Lately by Stevie Wonder.  This is a train wreck happening in front of our eyes.  He's just trying too hard.

Steven:  pulled it off; beautiful.
Jennifer:  I was like wow!  
Randy:  Stevie would be proud.

Karen Rodriguez
: I Could Fall In Love by Selena.  The whole Spanish and English thing worked once.  Can't fall back on that every time.  Can't hit the low notes.  Is Selena her Idol because she's gone?  I'm not into the sympathy votes, no matter how much I love Selena.  Straining to hit that high note.  Gawd!

Jennifer:  looks so beautiful; she was uncomfortable.  Blaming it on the audio.  Come on.
Randy:  felt like she was fighting the song.  Yes she was!
Steven: energy was lacking.

Scotty McCreery: The River by Garth Brooks.  Doing a great job.  The haters out there say they are sick of his voice.  But ya know what?  I hate country music, but I don't mind listening to him!

Randy:  if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Great song and it shows this is yours.
Steven:  did the Garth justice.  You are riding high.
Jennifer:  loved him opening up as a performer.

Naima Adedapo:  Umbrella by Rihanna  which I think is a huge mistake.  But I thought including her in the top 13 was wrong.  Like the song..  too choppy!  Nothing is flowing at all. Ewww, that was her spin?  What the hell????  Wow, let's watch the judges mush all over her.  Good light effects but that was it.

Steven:  you're crazy good; little pitchy.
Jennifer:  you got fire.  OMG!!!  Can you be honest????
Randy:  cares about the pitchy-ness, yes!!!  But loved it.  OMG!

I am getting sick of the gibberish from the American Idol judges.  Please, will someone get a spine?  Everyone may have hated Simon Cowell, but at least he was honest!

So, who do you want to see gone?  No, you can't choose all of them.  I just hope people judge for themselves and not even consider the American Idol judges, because other than Randy Jackson a couple of times, they were not honest.

We'll see you tomorrow night for the eliminations.  Some American Idol wannabes will be going home.  I hope not our favorites.


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