Feb 3, 2011

American Idol is in LA, California!  What kind of talent will we see?

We have Randy in gold shoes, J'Lo in shorty shorts, and Steven Tyler smokin' a cigar!  Here we go!

The first American Idol wannabe claims she'll knock our socks off.  Victoria kills her audition!  No, literally kills it!  She can't sing.  Bye-Bye.

Tim is next and he can sing, but he's a bit creepy with his J'Lo obsession.  And we have another stalker going to Hollywood!

Now we have the pleasure of meeting the MySpace auditions.

Karen is on her way to Hollywood.  Nothing exciting here.

Tynisha is next and she brought her own microphone.  I think this will be trouble.  She's adamant she's the next American Idol.  She's paying tribute to Frank Sinatra and he is now rolling in his grave.  She's forgetting the words, she can't sing, and she won't shut up.  Wonderful.

Well, Randy walked out and Tynisha followed him.  This girl is freaky...  in a bad way.  Needless to say, she is not going to Hollywood.  And security escorted her out, thank goodness!

Matt tries to convince everyone he's a big music producer and has made an album or something or other with Chaka Khan.  Randy Jackson has seen enough of delusional people.  lol

Ugh, too many freaks...  Can we please see some talent now?

Brothers, Mark and Aaron sing a duet and they're great!  They chose Lean On Me for their audition.  They sing great together, but can they sing solo?  I guess we're not going to find out.

Cooper is up and he is a James Brown wannabe.  He says he's 59 years old but he's not sure.  He's freaking out on stage with I Feel Good and it looks almost like a seizure.  He says he's going to Hollywood but he can't breathe.  He demands he'll be the next American Idol.  WT*?

Judges are speechless, as Cooper walks out of the room.  Wow!

Goodness, American Idol goes out with a bang?  Well, it goes out with something.  Stay tuned next week when American Idol goes to Hollywood!


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