Feb 2, 2011

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 American Idol is in Austin, Texas tonight!

At the beginning of the show, American Idol apologizes for Steven Tyler's outrageous behavior.  Well, I tell you what American Idol producers, Steven Tyler is making this show!  He is a great American Idol judge.  Why don't you apologize for J'Lo's meak behavior?

Ryan Seacrest is late and Marc Antony gives J'Lo a kiss for luck?  lol

We start this American Idol audition with a brother and sister that didn't meet until they were 14 and 16 years old.  The Idol judges bring in the sister to critique his performance.  I Can't Make You Love Me is the song of choice, and he's very good!  Sister and the judges send him through.  Cory is going to Hollywood!

Holly was all over the place with the melody, but J'Lo has asked her to sing another song.  Of course.  Granted, her first choice was At Last, which was a difficult song to sing, but isn't that part of this whole Idol process?  Know which songs you can sing?  So, she tries The Climb and those crazy judges gave her a golden ticket.

Rodolfo comes in with green hair and he tries to sing The Circle of Life and he really sucked.  No Hollywood for him.

John Wayne Schulz is a rugged cowboy who's mom wanted him to try out for American Idol.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and that was her wish.  Believe was his song choice, and he's pretty good.  He's off to Hollywood!

OMG, a Ryan Seacrest fan.  Or stalker?  She's crying because she's so happy to meet him and she says they'll get married.  Wow, did you see her eyes when she said she loved him?  Creepy!  Courtney sings Stay and she's good.  Darn, she gets to stalk Ryan to Hollywood.

Shauntel Campos, Alex Carr, and Caleb Johnson are all going to Hollywood.

Jacqueline and her boyfriend Nick audition together, yet apart.  lol  They are both pretty good singers.  I think Nick is a bit better.  They're both going to Hollywood!

Janelle Arthur might be another Carrie Underwood!  Very pretty girl.  Steven Tyler has her sing a more upbeat song and she's going to Hollywood!

And now we get to watch a parade of freaks in costumes.  And they don't take no lying down.

Casey is the last audition of the night, and he looks like Seth Rogan.  I Don't Need No Doctor is what he chose for his American Idol audition.  Not sure about him at all.  lol  The judges loved him though and he got his golden ticket.

That's it for American Idol tonight, stay tuned tomorrow night where we will see more American Idol wannabes giving it their all in hopes for that golden ticket.  See ya!


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