Jan 27, 2011

American Idol is in Nashville, TN and we begin with a huge scream.  Not sure if that was male or female.  lol

Christine auditions and what is there to say?  What were those noises coming out of her mouth???  And another American Idol wannabe shot down.

Exes are auditioning right now and man are they good together!  Rob sang alone and the judges liked him.  Next Chelsee sings alone and the judges like her, too.  The exes are going to Hollywood! lol

Stormy barely squeaks by and got herself a golden ticket... of course from Randy and Steven!

Adrienne comes off a farm to audition for us.  She has a good voice, but no wow factor.  The Idol judges were wowed, so she's going to Hollywood!

Kameela says she's got a huge voice for only a 5' 2" frame.  She's right, she has a huge voice.  Totally off pitch and screaming.

We've got a run of American Idol duds, from singing through their nose, to dressed in a purple suit which covered his entire body, including his face.  Strange, much?

Jackie Wilson comes in and can sing!  She's got her golden ticket!  Ummm, was that her dad or her boyfriend she just planted a kiss on?  I thought it was her dad, Ryan Seacrest said boyfriend?  hmmmm

Latoya is very vain and stuck on herself.  This will be funny if she can't sing.  Of course, she is all talk and no walk.  But she'll be walking out the door soon.  Judges did not like her at all.

Paul auditions and man he does sound like Rod Stewart!  Very nice!  Off to Hollywood!

Matt Dillard has a sad, feel good story.  His parents have had over 700 special needs children over the past 23 years that they have fostered.  He comes into the audition with hat and overalls, but he held his own.  J-lo said no but the boys said yes; he got his golden ticket.

Ryan Seacrest says we don't want to miss the next audition.  It's a unanimous decision from the American Idol judges, but we have to wait til after the break.

Lauren Alaina is a 15 year old from Georgia.  Her best friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Judges are blown away; the best they've heard so far.  Randy says she's got natural, God-given talent.  She's going to Hollywood!

Wow, American Idol ends on a HUGE high note.  Steven Tyler predicts Lauren Alaina will be our next American Idol!!  I tend to agree!


  1. What was the song playing during Matt Dillard's Bio package?

  2. I believe it was Falling Slowly by Kris Allen.




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