Jan 26, 2011

American Idol visits Milwaukee, WI to find their next American Idol!!!!  Yeah, Danny Gokey!

Scotty McCreery is a 16 year old with a FABULOUS country voice!  He's going to Hollywood!!!!  Wow!

Steven Tyler, what did you say???  Wait to see what hatches?  lol

Naima has a story, although not as sad as some.  2 daughters, cleans the grounds at Summerfest, wants to be on the stage.  She's cute and she can sing.  She's going to Hollywood.

Same old auditions, so I really don't know what to write.  But Steven Tyler as an American Idol judge was the best choice.  He is making this show.

Why would an intern at the White House want to audition for American Idol?  Cause she can sing!  Graduated from Harvard, works at the White House, and Randy Jackson high fived her right in the face!  LOL

Tiwan gets his golden ticket and gives Charlie Horses to all!  LOL

The CPA is up next!  A lonely auditor.  Steve.  Already cringing.  lol   Wow!  A singing accountant!!!

Vernika can't sing.  Jennifer and Steven told her as much.  She's not having it.  Hissy fit!

Megan wanted to be the first American Idol opera singer...  thank goodness the judges didn't want that!

Ali, I thought sang it out of the park and the judges are hedging.  Yes!  Randy said no, but J-lo and Steven said yes!!  Whoo Hoo!

Well, it's been a strange night.  I enjoyed the judges (Steven Tyler) more than the auditions, which is a first.

Chris ends the auditions tonight with a sad story.  Got engaged, fiance was in a major car accident resulting in a brain injury.  He is standing by her and he can sing.  The American Idol judges want to meet her.  Everyone is crying.  He is going to Hollywood!
Tomorrow American Idol heads to Nashville tomorrow night.  See ya!


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