Jan 20, 2011

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The auditions continue on the American Idol journey to find our season 10 American Idol.

The Idol wannabes came to New Orleans in droves!

Jordan starts the auditions off.  He's a cutie who teaches little tots music.  He sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and boy does he have a smooth voice! And he is on his way to Hollywood!!!

After the commercial break, we see a few clips of non-Idol material.

Then we get to hear Sara, who also has a great voice and gets her golden ticket.

Wow, a little stripteze from (Jovany?) the hottie Idol wannabe (sorry, his name escapes me) Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler!  Ooooo, it's gettin' hot up in here!  lol

Another commercial break and we get to see pictures of Randy Jackson back in High School and to meet his football coach.  Now, back to the Idol wannabes.

WOW!  Brett comes in looking all geek-like and blew the American Idol Judges away with Bohemian Rhapsody!  Hollywood, here he comes.  Awesome!

Quite a few more bad Idol wannabes, including one who thought he looked like Steven Tyler when in fact, according to Tyler, looked more like Mick Jagger.

Alex went to Idol Camp when he was 15, said he learned a lot, but his Proud Mary audition stunk.  Poor kid, no golden ticket.

Jacee is a 15 year old who looks 12.  He auditions with Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay and this kid can sing!  3 yeses; on to Hollywood!

Paris ends tonight's American Idol auditions with a Carrie Underwood song, Temporary Home, and she's got a great voice.  She's going to Hollywood!!!

American Idol returns next week in Wisconsin!


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