Jan 19, 2011

American Idol season 10 premiere is here!!!

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The American Idol judges come out, one by one.  Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and Jennifer Lopez!  What do you think?  We got a new Idol folks!  Let's go!

Love Randy, but Steven Tyler is my favorite!!!! 

Love the opening with the bloopers..  so far, so good!  Still likin' the Idol.

New Jersey Auditions...  Who we got?

OMG!  Steven Tyler is a riot!  Encouraging these kids, all his quotes and comments, he's awesome!

Robbie is our first real heart warming story!  In a wheelchair for awhile when he was 5 and now he's standing on an American Idol audition stage...  and he can sing!!!

Ok, the flirting with Steven and the female Idol wannabes is a bit awkward!  hahhaha

Chris..  the boy scout.  Oh, this hurts.  He's such a nice kid, but he stinks.  His mom did better singing on Ryan Seacrest's shoulder!

Ashley made my day!!!  She pretty much talked her way to Hollywood.  LOL  Steven Tyler said he's going to make that into something good. 

Victoria, the 16 and 3/4 year old just auditioned and I'm confused.  They sent her through for her personality, but did they like her?  Not sure.

Rut-Roh, better tear jerker story...  growing up in a war zone and coming to America to start over.  Gosh I hope she can sing.

Melinda is her name and she can sing!  Thank goodness!  She is on her way to Hollywood!

Devyn is a singing waitress and she has talent!  Steven said that was the dessert to the lunch.  lol  She's going to Hollywood!

Well, they humored us with talent, now we have to all cringe and agonize over the Idol wannabes with no talent.

Travis ends the night with not only a great sad story, but a beautiful voice...  going to Hollywood!!!!

What did you think?  There's a lot of haters out there.  Saying American Idol is on it's way out.

I think they've done a great job.  I was worried that Idol was on it's way out, but it's not.  don't listen to the haters.  Try it on for size.

Tomorrow night we'll be back with more auditions.  Don't miss it!

American Idol is back, baby, and better than ever!


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