Aug 25, 2010

Everyone's heard by now Fantasia took a bottle of pills.  Everyone is also asking if this American Idol took the pills as some sort of publicity stunt.

Whether Fantasia really wanted to end it all or pulled this stunt for publicity, she needs serious help.
Any other person would have been admitted to a ward for counseling.  Was Fantasia?  No.  Instead, she hits several shows to discuss her suicide attempt.

Fantasia has a daughter.  I have 3 daughters and one granddaughter.  If she really wanted to just go to sleep like she says, then she's an unfit mother.
When you choose to have a child, it's not about you anymore.  Children come first.

If she chose to do this as a publicity stunt, she's an unfit mother.  Who in their right mind would do this to a child?
I for one will not support her new album because of these actions.

They strip the crown from beauty queens for less, can we strip Fantasia of her American Idol crown?  She has proven she is no American Idol.


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