Jul 30, 2010

We all know American Idol Judge Simon Cowell is leaving.  This could mean the end of American Idol.

And according to Steve Bryant, it just might be.

This is called The Sounds Of Simon by Steve Bryant.  Enjoy!

The Sounds of Simon
A Parody of “The Sounds of Silence”
New lyrics by Steve Bryant

Goodbye Simon, my old friend,
You knew that Idol had to end.
You’re not holding any grudges,
They helped to kill it with 4 judges,
Then Paula left and Ellen took her place, a disgrace.
We’ll miss the sounds of Simon.

Season 5 needed a fix,
A weirdo won named Taylor Hicks.
And while Paula was complaining,
At least she made it entertaining.
But Randy sounds like he’s always in a fog,
Called people dawg.
We’ll miss the sounds of Simon.

Worse than a basic show on cable,
Kara brought nothing to the table.
Every finalist a joker,
Most were bad to mediocre.
And Ryan Seacrest has nothing to say.
I think he’s…uh, dull.
We’ll miss the sounds of Simon.

There was no reason to laugh,
Ratings were almost cut in half.
It isn’t hard to figure why,
It’s like watching spackle dry,
About as interesting as Jay Leno’s prime time show.
Or kneading dough.
We’ll miss the sounds of Simon.

You knew Idol was near death,
But Fox was smoking crystal meth.
They didn’t pay attention,
It was beyond their comprehension.
They thought the show would continue forever and be just fine.
Then you resign,
We’ll miss the sounds of Simon. 

 Be sure to visit Steve Bryant's Website for more great jingles as this one.  :)


  1. Steve BryantAugust 01, 2010

    Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate it.


  2. You are welcome, Steve! I love it! And it's so true! lol




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