Jul 23, 2010

Isaak at a USO show in Washington, D.C.
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American Idol needs a new judge since our love to hate him Simon Cowell gave up his seat.

We've heard all sorts of rumors to who this new judge might be.  Bret Michaels, Harry Connick Jr, and Chris Isaak.  Who?

Yeah, Chris Isaac is rumored to be the front-runner.  Don't know who Chris Isaak is?  Don't feel lonesome!

I do know one song of his, but had no idea who sang it, and that's Wicked Game.  Go listen to it, I'm sure you'll know it too.  But the artist?  Probably not.

I'm not saying Chris isn't talented enough to fill the empty judge seat, but I'm not sure if he's popular enough.  Remember, American Idol is sort of a popularity contest.  Yeah, I won't go into that.

American Idol needs to find a judge with not only talent, but a slick tongue like Simon Cowell.

We have Randy Jackson, the Dawg, who pretty much sugar coats everything, and is too worried about hurt feelings.

We have Ellen DeGeneres who is a mouse when it comes to telling the American Idol wannabes the truth.

Kara Dioguardi is just useless.  She goes from hot to cold and back again with no rhyme or reason.

Simon Cowell was straight forward and honest.  Yes it stung, but these Idol hopefuls need to get used to that.  The music industry and stardom comes with a price.  One of them being you better have tough skin.

Chris Isaak might be too nice to fill the shoes of Simon Cowell.   I'm not saying the new American Idol judge has to be mean, but he/she better tell it like it is, cause the rest of them won't, and that doesn't do justice to these young people starting their career.

What do you think?  Should American Idol find a Simon Cowell clone?  Or do we need another wishy washy American Idol Judge?


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