May 26, 2010

It's the end of another American Idol.  Although Simon Cowell won't return as that awesome, snappy, American Idol Judge we love to hate, Ryan Seacrest says American Idol will go on.

Maybe, but unless they get a great replacement, it just won't be as much fun.  So, here we are, waiting for Ryan Seacrest to tell us if Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox will be crowned this years American Idol.

Did you tune in for the tribute to Simon? Or do you really want to know who won American Idol? It's both for me.

Ok, we start by Ryan telling us less than 2% separated Lee and Crystal.  Holy crap!!!

Alice Cooper on American Idol!!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!!  School's Out!  OMG!

Kris Allen performs The Truth while Ryan's mic is still open.  Smooth, Ryan.  Great song, Kris!

We stop a moment to rib Simon Cowell about his leaving, then we're back to Siobhan and Aaron singing How Deep Is Your Love, and then The Bee Gees come out!!!!  Again, OMG!!!

Big Mike and Michel McDonald (Doobie Brothers!) performs Takin' It To The Streets.  How many times can I say OMG?

Dane Cook plays a tribute to Simon Cowell's nasty remarks to the Idol wannabes.  My favorite line is Simon, you have the honesty of Abe Lincoln, and the charm of the man who shot him!!!  hahahhahahha

The girls perform Beautiful and Fighter and again, Christina Aguilera performs with them!!!  She also performs Dreams.

The guys perform I Can't Go For That and Maneater and here comes Daryl Hall and John Oates performing You Make My Dreams (come true)!!!

Crystal Bowersox is singing Ironic and lo and behold Alanis Morissette comes out!

Carrie Underwood performs Undo It!!!  Carrie Underwood is so talented!!!  Love her!!!

Casey James is singing Every Rose Has It's Thorn and it's Bret Michaels!!!!!  Double, Triple, OMG!!!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Lee DeWyze and Chicago play a melody of great songs!!!!  American Idol pulled out all the stops for this show!

Hey!!!  It's Pants On The Ground!!!!  Yeah!!!! General Larry Platt!  Hahahaha...  William Hung!!!!

Paula Abdul!!!!  hahahhahaha...  There's a baby back stage with your haircut and it's your turn to feed him!  LOL  Oh, I'm going to miss Simon!!!  Is anyone else crying right now?

Kelly Clarkson is singing, and here comes Rueban, Fantasia, Carrie, Jennifer, Taylor, Kris, ...  where's David Cook???  OMG!!!  It's all the old Idols!!!!  Bo Bice, Jason Castro, all of them!!!

Simon Cowell takes the stage now with all the Idols and is pretty emotional right now.  Thanks everyone for everything and his voice is pretty shaky.

Janet Jackson is singing Nothing with the Idols!!!  OMG!!!!  Now she's performing Nasty.  Another amazing performer!

Joe Cocker is still kickin' and singing!!!  Go Joe!!!!

The winner of American Idol is:  Lee DeWyze!!!!!  Yes, Lee!!!!!!  Awesome!!!!


  1. Oh Boo! The teenaged girls have voted for another pretty boy. Do they hit "mute" during American Idol or what? It's American Idol not Teenage Girl Poster Boy Awards! Jeesh!

  2. Thank you for your post, Keith, but if you follow American Idol, you would understand that all the Crystal supporters got fed up with her attitude.

    Specifically her trip back home when she thought it was "cute" to tease and make fun of her fans rather than be grateful.

    Lee on the other hand, is a true American Idol. He can not only sing, but he has compassion and grace.

    I was a die hard Crystal fan until that trip, so I voted for Lee and I'm glad he won. And, I'm not a teenage girl. lol




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