May 25, 2010

It's the American Idol finale and I am not happy about that!  Yes, I'm an Idol-maniac and I'm sad it's almost over and doubly sad Simon Cowell is leaving.

But I'm excited to see Lee and Crystal perform, so let's begin... American Idol finale!

3 different performances tonight.  One song the Idols picked, one song Simon Fuller picked, and one song that they will produce if they win the American Idol crown.

Lee DeWyze chose The Boxer a great Simon and Garfunkel song!  Yes!  Great voice, but I really expected him to rock it out.

Randy - sounded nice, but pick it up
Ellen - couldn't be prouder if she birthed him herself
Kara - gotta punch harder
Simon - expects a lot more passion and excitement

Crystal Bowersox chose Me and Bobby McGee and sounds just like Janice Joplin.

Randy - started slow, but rocked out at the end
Ellen - you are so compelling on stage; stunning
Kara - loved it the first time and also this time
Simon - brought me back to the time when we fell in love with you

Lee DeWyze is performing Everybody Hurts, chosen by Simon Fuller.  Again, I love his voice, but I don't see any sparks flying.  Come on, Lee!  It's the finale!

Randy - better than the first song
Ellen - got into it but then pulled back
Kara - emotionally accessible; wasn't a perfect vocal
Simon - brilliant choice of song; you're nervous, but you have to come out with the last song.

Crystal Bowersox is performing Black Velvet chosen by Simon Fuller.  She is giving it her all!

Randy - mamma sox is in it to win it!
Ellen - was fantastic
Kara - want it and you can tell
Simon - heard that song so many times I'm almost allergic to it.  Nailed that song!

Lee DeWyze is performing Beautiful Day, the song he'll release if he wins.  Lee has perked up!  Love his voice!

Randy - strong rock voice at the end
Ellen - proud of him
Kara - swallowed up in the song; has grown the most on the show
Simon - you are what this show is all about

Crystal Bowersox is performing Up To The Mountain, the song she'll release if she wins.  Love her voice, but not the song so much.

Randy - amazing song, and one of her best performances
Ellen - league of her own; beautiful voice
Kara - walls have been up, but not tonight
Simon - by far the best song and performance of the night; outstanding

Well, that's it!  Who will win?  Lee or Crystal?  We will crown our new American Idol tomorrow night!


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