May 19, 2010

It's an American Idol race to the finish!  With just 3 Idol wannabes left, we're very close to naming our next American Idol!

But really, is anyone not thinking Casey James will be going home?  It'll be a huge upset if Casey is in the finale.  I like Casey, don't get me wrong, but Crystal and Lee have been the favorites for a long time.

Travis Garland performs his new single Believe.  Travis was discovered by none other than Perez Hilton.  Well, he's cute.  Not sure what's up with those guys beating their drums like they're killing something.

Justin Bieber is back and performing You Smile and Baby.  Why does this kid come off as annoying sometimes?

American Idol Results!

Lee DeWyze is in the Finale!!!!!!
Crystal Bowersox is in the Finale!!!!!
Casey James is going home.

Well, we've got our final 2 Idol wannabes.  Who will be the next American Idol?


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