May 18, 2010

The American Idol judges have chosen one song for each Idol wannabe this week as we fight for the finale!

We'll start our American Idol fight to the finish with songs the 3 remaining Idol contestants chose for themselves.

Casey James has chosen Ok, It's Alright With Me to perform tonight.  I've never heard of the song, but it was ok, alright!

Randy - just alright with him
Ellen - this is the moment; live or die, and he didn't bring it tonight
Kara - chose an unrecognizable song to most people
Simon - most important night of your life, and that song will leave no lasting affect

Crystal Bowersox has chosen  Come To My Window for herself tonight, and she sped it up a bit and she sounded great!!!

Randy - Didn't love the arrangement, but liked her vocal on it.  It all worked.
Ellen - good song choice, Melissa would be proud
Kara - did get a little lost a little, but it was still a good vocal
Simon - haven't compromised herself as an artist and I have a lot of respect for that

Lee DeWyze has chosen Simple Man which is a great Skynyrd song!  He started out kind of slow, and didn't change it up much, but he sounds great!

Randy - great song choice and he sounded great
Ellen - proud of you, lots of confidence
Kara -round 1 goes to Lee
Simon - song choice was on the money! 

Well, the judges all agree that Lee crushed the other 2 Idol wannabes in round 1.  I just don't get them sometimes.  If someone changes a song to make it their own, they complain.  Yet they're always telling the Idol's to change the song and make it their own.

If the Idol's don't change a song and make it their own, the judges love them.  But the judges always complain when the Idol's don't change a song.  Does anyone know what that is all about?

Randy Jackson and Kara Dioguardi chose Daughters for Casey James and I'm not really liking it because he's trying to sound too much like John Mayer.

Randy - this song fits you like a glove
Ellen -  liked that song; beautiful
Kara - showed the more artistic side of him
Simon - much better song choice, but a little bit of a lazy performance

Ellen Degeneres chose Maybe I'm Amazed for Crystal Bowersox and she's knocking this out of the park!  Great performance!

Randy - great song, great vocals and we have someone in it to win it!
Ellen - couldn't have asked for more; you did it!
Kara - didn't change it up much, but she showed vocals we've never heard before
Simon - proved you got soul, worked outside of her comfort zone, and we'll see her in the final 2

Simon Cowell chose Hallelujah for Lee DeWyze to hopefully give him a "moment." 

Randy - this was his biggest moment
Ellen - stunning
Kara -  what this show is all about; starts in one place and ends in another.
Simon - very, very, very proud of him.  Proved he has a great voice.

Well, I think it'll be between Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze.  What do you all think?  Will Crystal or Lee be our next American Idol?


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