May 12, 2010

Welcome to the American Idol results show!

And another all star line-up!

Fantasia starts the show with her song Bittersweet and she looks good!  A whole lot better than the last Fantasia performance on American Idol.

Daughtry is performing September and I swear this man can do no wrong.  Another great, great song!

Bon Jovi is performing Superman Tonight how sweet is this?

American Idol Results!

Casey James is safe!
Big Mike is eliminated!  :(
Lee DeWyze is safe!
Crystal Bowersox is safe!

Well, I'm sad.  I really like Casey, but out of the four, I was hoping he was going home.  I was actually hoping Big Mike would be in the top 3.  

Well, American Idol has their top 3.  Is your Idol still in the running?  Who will win?


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