Feb 9, 2011

American Idol begins with a pretty girl crying leaving the auditions.  When asked what happened, she blasted American Idol for not letting her finish her audition because she farted.  lol

Ryan Seacrest promises us weird, wild and something that will make us cry.  Really Ryan?  Another typical American Idol episode if you ask me.

They're hurrying through the San Fransico auditions to get us to the good stuff I guess.  3 Idol wannabes just got their golden tickets.

First tear-jerker story is a man named Stefano Langone.  He was in an accident and almost died.  He chose Heard It Through The Grape Vine and man can this kid sing!  And he's going to Hollywood!

Clint is a smart butt, but the judges like him.  He's going to Hollywood.

A few more American Idol wannabes make it through to Hollywood.  Must be a tear-jerker story coming up or something very strange.

Yup, tear-jerker.  Julie comes from Cambodia and mom and dad speak of it in broken English.  She chose Summertime and she can sing.

An American Idol night of tear-jerkers.  Now we have James Durbin who lost his dad to an overdose when he was 9 years old.  He was diagnosed with tourettes and autism.  He met someone and had a son.  Living in a low income housing.

The boy sounds like Adam Lambert!  I swear it's Adam Lambert's twin!!!  What a voice!!!!  Yes!  He's got his golden ticket!!!

American Idol returns Thursday with the last of the auditions.  Then off to Hollywood!  See ya!


  1. You seem like a total douche bag.

  2. And why is that Anonymous? Are you just bored? Do you just go around leaving comments that have no merit or adds to the discussion?

    I wasn't going to publish your comment at first, but everyone has an opinion. So "Anonymous" (of course) here's your 15 minutes of fame.

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    1. Just to the right of the blog title is the rss and email subscription buttons. Thanks for stopping by!




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