Feb 10, 2011

 As American Idol begins, I can only imagine the comments my post will receive.  Or I will receive, rather.  Apparently a reader was offended at my Farting Post.  If it was the actual "farter" I apologize.  I seriously thought it was a joke.

With that out of the way, let's get to the American Idol Hollywood Week!

Brett is up first, singing Let It Be.  There's no feedback from the Idol Judges.  10 American Idol wannabes come out in a line.  Randy Jackson called a few names, told them to stand forward.  The front row is moving on to Hollywood, which included Brett!

Rachel, Thia, and Casey are shown singing a bit.  Victoria Huggins is all excited.  lol  OMG!  Victoria didn't make it through!  She's cute as a bug and she can really sing.  This stinks!

In typical American Idol form, it's hard to figure out which ones are getting cut and which ones are moving on.

Paris Tassin sings; she's the one with the child with hearing problems.  James Durbin also sings.  He's the one with tourettes and autism.  Stormi also sings.  She's the one that Jennifer said she has a weak voice, but the male judges put her through.  lol  Lauren won Steven Tyler over at the auditions singing his song.

Paris, James, and Lauren made it through.  Stormi, the pageant queen didn't make it through.

Chris Medina sings.  His fiance, Julie is in the wheelchair.  And he makes it through!!!

Jacee sings.  He's the youngest American Idol wannabe.  Robbie also sings.  Hollie Cavanagh belts one out.  They all made it through!

Steven sings a bit, but it wasn't good enough.  He's not going any further.

Rob Bolin sings a bit.  He's the one who is still in love with his ex Chelsee who he auditioned with.  Both are moving ahead.

Nick Fink sings.  Jacqueline, his love(?) is next to sing.  One of them didn't make it, but we have to wait until after the commercial break.  I'm thinking it's Nick.  Yup, Nick's going home.

Scotty McCreery sings next.  He's the one with the VERY deep voice!  Jackie Wilson sings and so does Jerome Bell.  And they all make it through!

Tiffany Rios makes a remark before she sings that didn't set well.  She's sick and tired of people thinking they can do what she knows she can do.  Travis Orlando also sings a bit.  Hmmmmm...  Tiffany makes it; Travis does not.

Many have made it through the Hollywood auditions, but many have not.

Stay tuned next week for groups on American Idol!


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