Feb 16, 2011

American Idol presents group night.  I'm not sure if this is really fair or not.  Will have to wait and see.  If  it's actually a group with 4 or 5 people, and 1 American Idol wannabe has a golden voice, do they get canned, too?

We already see people having meltdowns and others flat out refusing to do the "group" thing.  Hmmm, odd that someone wanting to be the American Idol would scoff at the rules.

Tiffany's words are coming back to bite her.  You can't tell everyone they suck and expect to be loved.  No one wants her in their group.  lol

The kids they're showing are ridiculous!  Whiny wannabes!  lol  "The Minors" group seem to be the mature group, and they're only teens!  Now if only their moms would stay out of it!

Whiny Ashley bails.  I understand pressure, trust me, with 3 kids, one in the Army and doing her first tour in Afghanistan, I know pressure.  But give me a break.  American Idol isn't new.  Every other Idol wannabe has said the same thing.  Pressure!

Ok, let's move on.  I guess not.  30 minutes into the show and we're still watching  the American Idol wannabes form groups.  Seriously?

What?  Whiny Ashley is back.  And they take her in.  Not sure if I would bet money on someone so unpredictable.

Finally!  Singing!

The first group of 3 girls made it through and I was in such awe listening to them sing, I didn't get their names!  LOL  But they were great!!!

I love to watch Steven Tyler as he watches the performances.  He really gets into it.

4 plus 1 sings makes it through to the next round with a Michael Jackson's song I Want You Back.

4 40's perform Forget You and I thought they were great...  the judges thought the the same and they made it through!

Rebel Star is up next.  This is Tiffany, who dissed everyone during her Hollywood audition.  She suckered Jessica into being into her 2 person group.  Jessica felt sorry for her.  She was in a group of 5 and gave up her spot to be with this witch.  And now she's going home.  Wow.

Spanglish is up next singing Just The Way You Are.  Steven Tyler just messed everything up.  LOL  2 out of the 4 made it through.

Steven Tyler is asked to come up and sit on stage for the Some Kind Of Wonderful performance.  Entertaining!!!!!!  Loved it!!!!  J'Lo gives the bad news that Lauren is the only one continuing on.  Dang.  I thought they all were great.  Hmmmm....

The group singing Just The Way You Are kind of stunk.  Forgotten words, off melody, and Colton is the only one that makes it through.

I hope you can keep up, because they're rushing through a few of these groups.  I guess this is suppose to be the American Idol suspense.
Whiny Ashley's group is up next and they're doing great!!!!  Hit 'Em Up Style is what they chose, and they loved it!  They all made it through!  The big risk of taking Ashley back paid off!

The Minors have their own pressure dealing with their moms.  Too much input!!! 

The Deep V's perform Queen's Somebody To Love and it seemed like a short audition, but the American Idol judges did not like the harmony.  So, Caleb and James are moving on, the rest are going home.

The "stage moms" are dissing every group.  Really?

The Minors also sing Somebody To Love and the judges loved it.  Of course we have to see the moms backstage taking all the credit.  UGH!!!!  They all make it through.  Too bad the moms are going to take all the credit.

A Capella singing is a bold move.  Let's see how they do.  They're awesome!!!!  Julie and Casey make it through; the rest go home.

Another A Capella group singing the same Get Ready song.  I liked the first group better.  Judges like this one better.  Sheesh!

Sugar Mama and the Babies are up now.  Jaycee is worried he'll forget the words.  Brett Loewenstein is rockin' the crowd and Steven Tyler is lovin' it!  And they all make it through!!!!!  Whoooo Hoooo!!!!

The group is up now that kicked Jaycee out of the group.  Scotty McCreery apologized to Jaycee and said he was the best kid in the competition.  Scotty was against kicking Jaycee out.  They all made it through.

Last group of the day singing Forget You.  The girls are really dogging Rob Bolin but they all screwed up.  This is crap.  The two idiot girls are in and Rob goes home.  Whatever.  Hopefully they fall flat in a big way.

Nothing really shocking on this American Idol edition.  Still ticks me off they let wannabes through that are no American Idols.


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