Feb 17, 2011

American Idol continues tonight with Hollywood Week.
Haley Reinhart is up first.  She'll get one shot.  She knocks it right out of the park!  Great performance!  Good thing because J'Lo told her she made it through by the skin of her teeth.

Ashthon Jones and Thia Megia are pretty popular with the AI Judges.

Adrian Michael had to do a restart.  It's not pretty.  He may get cut tonight.
Uh-oh, Caleb Johnson also needs a restart.  Things aren't looking good for these two.

Clint Jun Gamboa...  I am not really liking this boy.  There's confidence and there's cocky.  I'm thinking he doesn't know the difference.

My Perogitive seems to be a popular song.  Carson Higgins and Chris Medina are both performing it.  Which one did you prefer?  I liked Chris' version better.

Instruments are allowed tonight.

Julie Zorilla plays the piano

Colton Dixon plays the keyboard

Brett Loewenstern plays his guitar

Robbie Rosen also plays a keyboard

Casey Abrahms drags his standup base for his audition.  Excellent rendition of Georgia On My Mind.  If we could choose right now, I would pick him as the next American Idol!  That was insane!

Chelsee Oaks loses her best friend right before her audition.  Jacqueline, also her roommate, got very sick.  Headed for the hospital and jumped ship.

Lauren Alaina is a favorite of the judges.  She's singing I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Randy says well done!  She's only 15!

Jacob Lusk comes out and blows everyone away.  Standing ovation from the crowd and the judges!!!!  That boy is emotional!

John Wayne Shulz unfortunately has to follow Jacob, but he does just fine with his guitar.

Ashley Sullivan will sing Everything without any instruments.  And she messed up the words.  She's had to stop a couple of times.  Randy told her to just hit the chorus.  We'll see.

Stefano Langone takes the stage.  He's an ok singer.  Better entertainer.

Jovanny came and went all quick like!

Jacee Badeaux sings This Is The Time Of My Life and you wouldn't think so by his "energy"...  really?

Scotty McCreery had no idea what the words were.

Tatynisa Wilson didn't know the words, either.  Aren't these guys suppose to be singing for their lives?

They are put into rooms and the axe is going to come down hard on some of these American Idol wannabes.

Room 1 holds Ashley, JaCee, Robby, Lauren, James Durbin, Casey Abrahms, Brett, and others.  They made it through!!!!

Room 2 holds Corey and Briel...  It's the end of the line.

Room 3 holds Chelsee Oaks and Mark are also cut and going home.

Room 4 holds Carson Higgins, Julie Zurillo, Scotty McCreery are just a few who also made it through!!!

American Idol hosts Beatles Night next week.  Can't wait!!!


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