May 4, 2010

American Idol is now down to 5.  Harry Connick Jr mentors the 5 Idol wannabes tonight, while they take on ole blue eyes, Frank Sinatra.

Aaron Kelly is singing Fly Me To The Moon and he has a very smooth voice.  Not as strong tonight, but still a great performance.

Randy - did a really good job.
Ellen - piano was a little pitchy  lol...  really pulled it off.
Kara - thought it was good; not as strong as last week's performance.
Simon - agrees with Kara; didn't live up to the song.

Casey James is singing Blue Skies and he's doing Frankie proud!  Relax, boy!

Randy - worst performance; too pitchy
Ellen - bad idea to have the piano on stage; felt very stiff.
Kara - sounds like lamb; she's such a witch.
Simon - you weren't fantastic; came over a bit embarrassed and awkward.

Crystal Bowersox is singing Summer Wind and sounding great as usual!  Where's Randy's "you can sing a phone book, girl!"  lol

Randy - great arrangements, but it was just ok; a little sleepy.
Ellen - felt like she was swallowing every word at the beginning.
Kara - kind of liked it.
Simon -  wrong song choice; second half better than the first half.

Big Mike is singing The Way You Look Tonight and he's got a great voice!  Let's see what the judges say.

Randy - Mike is in it to win it!!! 
Ellen - seem to have the most comfort on stage; sounded very smooth.
Kara - stayed true to himself
Simon -  felt like he listened and they worked well together; they all clicked.

Lee DeWyze is singing That's Life and there is just something about Lee's voice that I love.  He is tons better now that he is relaxing more and having fun!

Randy - stayed his rocker self; loved it!
Ellen - distracted by Harry's organ  hahahha...  would have won this whole thing if it was the finale.
Kara - you can win this thing
Simon - gave it 110%; by far the best performance of the night.

Well, we're getting down to the wire.  In just a few weeks we'll have our new American Idol!


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