Apr 21, 2010

American Idol - Idol Gives Back!

An All-Star lineup to entertain us tonight while we give what we can to Idol Gives Back.

George Lopez is hosting the results part of the show and he is judging the judges!!!!

Randy, you always say pitchy and quit asking Kara what she thought, form your own thoughts, but you're the only brother on the show, so you are safe!

Kara, Karla, whatever your name is, you keep saying you need to make it your own, but you did well on my  show, so you are safe!

Ellen D every night she says, Simon stop touching me. She is the Courtney Kardashian of the Judges, so she is safe!

Simon says rubbish, ghastly, Ryan stop touching me.  Every now and then wear a large t-shirt.  America has voted and you have to go back to England.  But because of the volcanic ash, you are safe!

Black Eyed Peas singing Rock That Body!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!
Jeff Beck - Joss Stone singing I Put A Spell On You!  her voice sounds different.
Alicia Keys singing Unthinkable!  (ooh, didn't hit that high note) and New York!
Carrie Underwood singing Change!  I love this girl!
Mary J Blige with a slew of stars including Randy Jackson singing Stairway To Heaven!
Sir Elton John  is singing Your Song!  He is a classic.  I just love Sir Elton.

American Idol Results!

Lee DeWyze is safe.
Casey James is in the bottom 3, but he's safe!!!
Crystal Bowersox is safe.
Tim Urban is in the bottom 3 and on his way home.
Aaron Kelly is in the bottom 3, but he's safe!!!
Siobhan Magnus is safe.
Big Mike is safe.

Another great American Idol Gives Back!  Were you surprised when Tim Urban was sent packing?  See you next week for more American Idol Chit Chat!


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