Apr 27, 2010

American Idol for the most part has gotten has-beens to mentor the American Idol wannabes.  Adam Lambert was a great mentor, but now we're "blessed" with Shania Twain.  She has a new song out so I've been told.  Hmm, wonder what her motive is.  Eek.

Lee Dewyze is singing You're Still The One and he got off to a rocky start, but he pulled it off.

Randy - favorite songs of his. Mid-way through the song, he found his sweet spot.
Ellen - did better than pretty good.
Kara - sound of his voice makes everything relevant???
Simon - chose the perfect song!  But, pulling some weird faces during the song.

Big Mike is singing It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing and I just don't understand why he's been in the bottom 3.  He has a great voice and a great performer.

Randy - found his zone.  Did a great job.
Ellen - tiny bit nervous, but felt his emotion.
Kara - always feels connected when he sings.
Simon - performance was a little bit wet; a bit girly.  Ya think?

Casey James is singing Don't a little more serious and it's a nice change.

Randy - one of the best performances from him.
Ellen - ditto. 
Kara - showed it all; vulnerable and that's what he needs to do.
Simon - needed a wake up call; this was his best performance.

Crystal Bowersox is singing No One Needs To Know and she is a great singer/performer, but she doesn't really need that backup singer.

Randy -yo-yo, love you, but not his favorite performance
Ellen - great voice, but not her favorite performance.
Kara - impossible for her not to be good, but it wasn't her best.
Simon - limp, kind of like a singer in a coffee shop

Aaron Kelly is singing You've Got A Way he's got passion and a great voice, but I don't know if he'll survive.

Randy - really good job
Ellen - impressed with the depth of his emotion
Kara - agrees with Ellen; felt them words
Simon - tonight, you were like a different artist. It felt sincere and believable.  Well done!

Siobhan Magnus is singing Any Man Of Mine.  I wonder if she'll cry again.  Catchy song, but her voice is so weak.  Of course she has to scream at the end.  Shocker.

Randy - loved it.
Ellen - way to pull the Shania Twain into the station.
Kara - guess who's back.
Simon - really liked that song; screaming at the end was a bit much.  Like giving birth.

Hard choice tonight for who should go home, but I vote for Siobhan.  She has a weak voice, her only strong point is screaming/screeching, and she's a whiner.

Well, the lines are open, so vote for your favorite American Idol!


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