Mar 17, 2010

American Idol continues in search for the next American Idol.  Tonight we send another American Idol wannabe home.  Who will it be?

Well, Ryan has to stretch it out and we also have to hear from some amazing people!

David Cook!  Singing Jumpin' Jack Flash...  he's so pretty!!!!  lol

Paige is in the bottom 3.
Lee is safe.
Siobhan is safe.
Aaron is safe.
Andrew is safe.
Tim is in the bottom 3.

Orionthe sings According To You!

Didi is safe.
Crystal is safe.
Big Mike is safe.
Katie Stevens is safe.
Casey James is safe.
Lacey Brown is in the bottom 3.

Tim is safe for another week.

Ke$ha singing Blah, Blah, Blah...   Lady GaGa wannabe?  Strange.

Soooo... Who's going home?

Lacey is going home!  Good choice!  Will the judges save her?  Nope, judges not going to save her.

Good choice.  Although I like her, she wasn't worth the save.

American Idol is cutting them down one by one.  Did they make the right choice?  I think so.


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